okay so myspace has ruined my life. i only take head shots because im fat :( i get various compliments saying that im beautiful because i have a pretty face. and they ask to see a body shot and i make up stupid excuses and when someone wants to meet i cant because im scared of my body that nobody will like me. so i tell them to meet me and then i diss them and make excuses saying i went and left or somthing like that. also i stayed inside my house for about a year now only going out at night just to get in the car and out. i wear pajamas because my clothes dont fit. and i guess you can say that im ashamed of my body :( i know i can loose weight and i been trying alot . i go to the gym but the food is so tempting i cant take it and i eat. can someone give me some advice because i really need it..and please no mean comments because im very much mental and verbal abuse my whiole life its pathetic :( sorry

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If you are serious and really want to lose weight then you need control your appetite and do aerobic exercise. that is it. When you go to the gym ride the bike and or run the treadmill. Then do one or two exercises for each part of your body. You need to go 4 days a week. You can do it. I did and I lost 48lbs. Now get up and get your body moving

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