I'm ashamed of my own body.

I never really took my self for who I am. I still dont. I wish I would love myself, but as soon as i get close to ny goal, theres this one gorgeous face and body that I want. And i just cant stand my own body. It just bothers me.

I wish i was the Victoria's Secret Model. I wish I was that gorgeous that I could wear a bra in front of bipassers in the mall. I wish I could pull of a bikini. But i guess I just cant. I have like , 3 bikinis but havebt touched one of them in countless years.

I wish I could love myself. im not pretty at all and i just wish i could be myself and LOVE it. but i guess I cant.

Do I need to see a therapist? Is there something wrong with me? Well, If you have any suggestions will you please please leave a comment. I dont know what I should do to change the way I think about myself. Please help me. Im ashamed of my own body.

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  • I'm sorry you feel the way you do. I believe if you follow the inspirational advice of the first commenter you can achieve her inspirational example, and feel a lot better about yourself in the process. Counseling might be a good thing also to raise your self esteem. It does suck how some people luck out with perfect bodies while most of us have to settle with bodies far from the ideals, and/or work out to come even close to what nature gave them. But, that said, you can improve your situation easily, and you might look better than you think. And speaking of how people look, ever see some of those beautiful actresses without make up? Many don't look good. Ever see the make overs on TV where a plain Jane becomes beautiful courtesy of better make up? These show you how a woman can look better with the right stuff. You can look better too. My best wishes to you.

  • Darlyn, Love yourself. that's all I can say.

  • oh honey, i wish i knew you! i could help you reach your goals!!
    i used to be chunky, and witha face like a caveman, and terrible hair.

    i lost weight, got healthy, learned about makeup, learned how to fix my hair, and now people say i look like the blonde girl from sucker punch (you know the blonde one with the pigtails)

    you might need therapy, but you also might just need to give yourself a chance to let your beauty shine! thats what i did and im happier than ever now. are your insecurities weight related?

    you should fine a weight loss buddy and go to the gym together! it makes it more fun and easier to stick with it when you have someone to keep your motivated!

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