l constantly think of suicide but lm afraid of pain. lf it were a lot easier and l had a slightly bigger pain tolerance, l dont even think ld be alive now. lve looked up OD suicide but it doesnt seem successful. any other way seems too difficult. l know people think that people who commit suicide should think about their friends and family first, but l dont care. sure, l love my friends and family, but lll be dead. l wont care then. lm not emo, l have a decent life, and nothing tragic has ever happened to me, so l dont know why l feel this way so often.

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  • Stick to dogs, L.
    Step 1. Become famous for grabbing your crotch and molesting little kids. Step 2. Get a doctor to prescribe lots and lost of drugs so your conscience won't keep you awake at night. Step 3 Take too many of the drugs and die.
    Awww! :D

  • ^^I am not wrtting these. Maybe it is the faker L do ing it but in answer to your comment, I am sticking to dogs. Did yo uknow I got another puppy? :)

  • I had a friend who killed herself, I'll never know why, but she did.
    You can't imagine how bad it hurts.

  • First of all suicide by OD usually doesn't work, and if it does its usually very long and very painful, they'll find you long before you die and all you'll have to show for it is a worn down stomach lining.
    Very few suicides are successful, and if you mess up, well your life will change for the worse. Most of your friends will stop being friends, your family will never treat you the same for fear you might try it again, that doesn't mean they will spoil you, it means they will have the number nearby to get you carted off to the hospital.
    So feeling blah huh? Not a good enough reason. Sorry you feel like that though, it goes away, but I'm telling you its not worth it.

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