Canadians Rule!

Can someone tell me why you Brits are so rude when it comes to us Canadians?



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  • To the second commenter about America "bumming out it's resources, timber, water and arable land", not to worry.
    When that happens, we're simply going to invade, occupy and take over Canada.
    You'll be known as the "Northern States.

  • Canadian = KITTIENS

  • Canadians=N******

  • Canadians are great, its such a cute accent... and Canadians are the best lovers

  • They hate you becuase your'e closer to America..F*** YEAH!!!

  • ^^ I'll have to use that in the future. Thanks!

    -Canadian who doesn't think anyone is jealous of Canada. Except for our poutine and maple syrup. Oh, also our authentic Saskatchewan Corinthian seal leather.

  • ^Lmao! Hey! Let loser there try to be shocking! This is going to be the highlight of his life.

  • Canadians are worthless just like n****** that's right I said n******

  • I hate that you're always sucking up to us, trying to act like us, I hate the Yanks, but they at least don't try to kiss our a*** all the time.

  • Of all the gangs in Toronto, and p*** posh Quebec?

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