Guess what....

I'm pooping right now.

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  • Guess what..... I'm pooping right now.
    I'm pooping right now... Guess what?

  • ^^ Way too easy to troll, d*** weed, all I had to do was say you had permission to do something and you threw a tantrum like a baby. :)
    I'm finished trolling you, have fun pretending it was the other way around.

  • ^You Lie...haha..never gave your opinion but gives permission for others to give are rich. You also have very thin skin besides being obtuse. You tried to be funny when accusing me of being racist because of the color of mullato Obama and a t***. You feign non-partisanship and some higher level of secular morality as you mock someone you assume is a republican. You are the one upset, sunshine; ranting and stamping your foot at being called the f***-wad you are in defending Obama. F****** cry baby.

  • ^LMAO You don't read much do you? How is it wrong for me to say everyone can give their opinion? You now have my permission to give your opinion as well. I've seen you before, but I like it better when you try to clean my windshield and give me your little pamphlet about the end of the world.
    So keep screaming and stamping your foot like a toddler, I never gave my opinion on anything, you just assume you know something about me because I'm not a fan of Republicans.
    your turn to rant, this is kind of funny.

  • ^^^^You whine and snivel even when you think you are trying to be open-minded. Oh the horror of Americans protesting the government and the excessive taxes imposed to fund illegal and unjust wars that you now support because your dear leader is now besating the drum of war. Veronica Moser has nothing on you liberal Obama f****.

  • ^lmao ooooooooh so scary, I bet you've got b**** of steel.

  • ^Yeah, it would be wrong to bring any sense of intelligence, even if it is from some conservative a****** who probably went to that dumbass tea party and f***** some other Republicans. I mean really, you guys are always getting caught in gay and straight s** scandals, and you act like s** is the worst!
    If you can give your opinion, then a****** there can give his, even if he is a cowardly lying sack of s***.

  • ^I wasn't commenting that my p*** is the same color as Obama- I do not think in racist ways. My comment was specific to Obama being a s*** himself. His policies stink. he spews crap when he speaks. His being a mulatto is nothing. His being a lying f*** not born in the USA is the s***.

  • Taking a Barack, eh?

  • After you p*** don't wipe. Keep it a stinky hole

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