20 year old mom

I dont have my son anymore yet I still tell people I do so that they dont judge me. Even my boyfriend of six months has never met my son because even he doesnt know that I havent seen my 2 year old son in almost 9 months. I missed his second birthday, instead I got s*** faced drunk and cried alone. I feel like such a terrible mother, because i know that by the time i get my s*** together he wont even remember who I am. I missed his first words and him growing up, I cant even explain the heartbreak and tears that I shead on a daily basis. Three weeks ago I signed over custody to my parents, Im scared I wont ever get him back.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Young, 19 year old friend has an almost 3 year old, and, while trying to turn her life around..Still hasn't. Is now in danger of losing him, for good, to her ex, taking the kid to Florida. I like her, she's cute and a little hottie..But, she needs to spend less time getting new tattoos and changing jobs and a bit more time working on herself and keeping her kid. Take the hint: get serious about yourself, or you won't see your kid again.

  • Well, get your s*** together and get him back. You created a life and have a responsibility to that life. Don't be a shmuck- do the one job you have been graced by God to do which is be a mother to your children.

  • You signed over custody, you will never get him back. The courts tend not to rip a child from a stable home, into the arms of a person who so willingly gave him up. You lost all rights when you signed over custody.

    Sounds like not matter how s***** your parents may be, this poor child is better off. Get sterilized.

  • What, you live super far away? Can't visit?

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