Dear Mike,

You are the one and only person I have ever been able to settle down with. For the past two years I haven't been able to see myself with anyone else nor have I wanted to. You are the man I want to marry. Everyone always asks me why the h*** I am with you though. You are the most degrading, disrespectful, a****** I have ever known. You constantly put me down and treat my like a piece of s*** unless you want something. Nothing I ever do or give to you is ever good enough. The only time you ever "surprise" me with sweet things is when I basically ask you for them. You consider me a gold digger every time I ask you to buy me something, even if it only costs 1 dollar. If I ever have a valid reason to be upset with you, you are able to turn it around until I am the one apologizing. I can go on for hours explaining all the bad and mean things you to do me in this relationship, but I simply don't have time. I am starting to wonder why I put up with you and I think I'm starting to find some answers. Do I really love you? Or am I infatuated with chasing after you? I could have any guy I want but instead I settle for you? I wish I had the strength to get out of this relationship but I am so scared of the sadness I would go through by not having you in my life. Its getting to the point though that I am trying to figure out if the sadness you put me through every day is worth it. My happiness with you is so short-lived and I have such low standards put on you that the moments when you are even KIND-OF being nice to me, are some of the best moments of my life. How have I let you do this to me? You have taken away my pride, my strength, my independence and my sanity. Today, from now on, I will work towards finding the strength to leave you.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • omg... you just described my last relationship, his name was mike too... it went on and off for three years, he did all the same things that guy did to you, i never went crazy or did anything crazy at all once until one night he mentioned someone else and i told him to stop, he made me feel soooooo guilty that i got so drunk and finally spam called him and cry and told him he distroyed my life... my apology and attempt to get him out of my life... which was what i wanted at first somehow turned into my begging him to give me another chance and threatening to stalk him... he alway turns it around on me... but this time i just went nuts.... Don't go nuts, don't let him make you feel like the s***** person... because after all he did saying the things i said doesn't even compair... but i still hate myself... don't let him turn you into that. Please?

  • GET OUT. You only have so many years of life to waste that you'll never get back. This douche treats you like this because you LET him. In fact, I know this type- he's the kind that won't be around anyone he CAN'T treat like crap because he's a big pile of insecure crap who can't stand the idea of not being the smartest guy in the room. That's the kind of character you find attractive?

    You did not come to this earth to be Mike's doormat- you came here to do much more. You were created to be an asset to the world- not some j******'s snotrag. Deep down, you KNOW you are worth more than this- because if you were really ok with him treating you like crap, you wouldn't feel so miserable.

    Get away from this guy and go figure out what part of you actually thinks you deserve this and explain to yourself what it is about this Mike, this mere smelly mortal with no super powers, that makes him so high and mighty as to be your punisher. Chances are, the word NOTHING will come up rather quickly.

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