An ex-girlfriend

I still love the girl who broke my heart, she was everything to me, the only person I ever let in. It's been almost 2 years since she left me, and my feelings for her only seem to be growing stronger, I'd do anything she asked of me if I hadn't had to break off contact. I would have remained friends with her if it wasn't so painful, and potentially awkward(me unintentionally making things awkward between us, which wouldn't be fair if it affected her.)Though, if ever it comes to my attention that she's in need, I'd drop everything for her, no-one has ever meant so much to me, not even my family members, be they living or deceased. She's the only person in my life who has ever made me truly happy, the one girl who I've genuinely enjoyed my relationship with. While we were together, I would always wake up with a smile on my face. She wasn't my usual kinda girl, but she was everything I could ever have wanted in a girlfriend. I'll probably never get close to her ever again, but if ever I hear she's in need in any way, I'll be there, I'll find a way. I love her, I just wish her happiness in life, even if that means I can't have her in mine.

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  • Wait.

    You claim she broke your heart, but the relationship was "painful" anyway?

    That's just one thing out of this delusional screed that warrants a closer look.

    I think what really happened is that you crept around under her window for a few years and she recently moved. That is probably closer to the reality of your situation.

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