My wife is fattening me up

She is a trim, super pretty sexy woman, but has always had a thing for feeding me. I have gone from 160 lbs to a big fat 298 and she seems to want to get me even bigger.

I dont mind that my fat turns her on, but its getting hard to move and the fatter I get the more she feeds me. I am blowing up so big I need new clothes every week and I am starting to give in and just let her fatten me up into her personal man pig.

While I admit its sexy to see my trim hot sexy wife attacted to a now fat pig like me, I am scared if she leaves me.

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  • I wish I had a husband to fatten me up and get fat together. It's my dream.

  • Don’t worry about pumping up or finding a husband who will gain weight. Both are par for the course in marriage. Just find someone compatible who you love a lot and who loves you, and you’ll both be fatter than you ever imagined before you know it!

  • Here i am 😊

  • I have always dated women who were older than me, by older I say maybe 8 to 10 years. Once you hit 40 and are dating again You will find them much more fun to date. Many of them are on the chubby side too if you like it, which I do. One thing is for sure, if you date older women long enough you WILL get fat. I ended up growing hugely fat with my last woman who I am still with, They will take good care of you and you WILL grow fat if they can cook, because they will stuff you silly.

  • Any advice on how to date an older woman? How to approach/initiate with them? Any places or websites you'd reccomend to go on the hunt? The reasons you've listed are exactly why I've been looking to date older women, but haven't had too much luck just yet.

    Just how huge are you now? What was your weight before, and your weight now?

  • I was getting fatter due to my wife's great cooking (she is fat too, around 347 lbs) but during the quarantine we BOTH exploded. So very fat. We are loving the effects of the fat piling on us, S e x is better albeit a bit harder but its worth it. She is SO big now and I am wearing a nice fattened quarantine belly that is hanging WAY low over my d i c k now. For some fun we went to our local Walmart in our WAY too tight clothing and discovered that almost everyone there was WAY WAY fatter now too. I'm talking young girls and guys with these enormous quarantine bellies, I was shocked, figured people would make fun of us waddling around in our outgrown clothing but nope, we fit in with all the rest of the newly fattened people. One thing is for sure, this quarantine took chubby people and blew them up like circus fat people, it was shocking to see young couples in the 300 lb range each, but kind of fun too. Guess we are gonna get really really fat as a nation.

  • At least you can still walk. At the Walmart today there was a man on a scooter who looked to be 600 lbs. He was so big he blocked the aisle and his belly was poking out under his shirt, covering his knees. I’d seen him a six months ago, lumbering about the store. He must have put on more than a hundred pounds since then.

  • Can you tell us more about this guy? That sounds INCREDIBLE 😍

  • He looked like he was in his mid 30s, bushy hair with a bald spot forming in back, and a well trimmed beard. He was wearing a green t-shirt which when I saw him walking back in February was quite loose and covered his belly. But now he had grown a lot so his belly peaked out from under it. He was big before (a 76-78 inch waistline, around 500 pounds), but now it covered his knees. If I had to guess, I'd say he had grown at least 14 inches around the belly, so a 100+ pound weight gain in 6 months. I didn't see any evidence of an injury (e.g. no cast or boot).

  • Yeah I love getting super fat with my girlfriend, we too like our old tight clothing showing every new fat roll on our bloated bodies, with our big heavy bellies sticking out in front of us. I am really loving binge eating and being a fat pig with my girl

  • I went from 320lbs to 190lbs, and my fiancé went from 380lbs to 250lbs, and we were both doing well. But since the quarantine all we’ve been doing is sitting around being lazy and eating. I’ve gone back up to 260lbs and she is in the 290’s. My cravings have gotten totally out of control and I find myself stuffing my face to fullness at almost every opportunity. The fiancé wants us to get on track but she never tries to deny me a meal, I think a part of her wants to see me bigger than her, even as she balloons herself

  • I have been married to my husband for 3 happy years. I was aged 34 and was 300lbs and he was aged 24 and a skinny 130lbs on our wedding day. I immediately set out to fatten him up by doubling up his portion sizes that he was used to and therefore increasing his appetite. He has now ballooned to 330lbs (Only 5 feet 7) and his belly has swollen up like a basketball. He is now addicted to my homemade lasagna lol and rich pasta dishes. I have gained only 10 pounds since marriage and he weighs more than me now at only age 25. He knows he has to lose weight but I know he enjoys my cooking too much he will continue to gain.

  • Shame. As somebody with a sadistic mother in the past, how does this post help, if not hurt, our collective situation as those seeking help?

  • Can you feed me too? And bloat up my big belly?

  • You sound as if you already have a belly Lol. What’s your height, waist measure and weight? If I wasn’t married and feeding hubby up lol

  • Just an update. My husband has now reached 350lbs. I think his skinny days are well behind him lol. His belly is massive and is beginning to hang now.

  • Update. Husband is now 370lbs and is developing a large fat roll under his moobs. I am adding extra cheese into my Italian dishes lol. Lockdown
    Makes this all the easier.

  • He is gaining so rapidly, he's going to be massive. Do you enjoy seeing him fatten up so quickly?

  • Yes I do enjoy watching him pile the pounds on and the results of my cooking on his body. He’s 28 now with a huge belly on him. He talks about loosing weight but I just serve him a double portion and the diet is forgotten about.

  • Wow! You have been feeding him a lot lately. Do you have a limit for him in mind (based on weight, size, shape, mobility)? Also how does he feel about the weight/ what kinds of things does he have to say about his weight?

  • Aim certainly for 400 maybe 450lbs. He doesn’t say much about his weight anymore except to complain that his huge belly now effects his movement. He’s addicted to rich food too much now.

  • You should try and make him fatter than your ex husband! Fatten up that greedy boy!

  • How did you manage to marry someone 10 years younger than you
    Is it money

  • Yeah a lot of guys don't realize that when you marry a talented cook, she won't just put weight on you, she'll turn you into a fatty. Huge difference.

    Plain old McDonald's can put weight on you. Just quit going or head to the gym and you can lose it.

    But with an amazing cook in the kitchen, you'll be too busy savoring every bite and hungry for more to think about heading to the gym. You become a fatty when you love the food so much that you don't even __think__ about your weight anymore, or at least until it's too far gone.

    That's how I put on 90 pounds with my girl. It wasn't that I decided it was worth getting fat for. It wasn't about fat acceptance. No, it was more that it was so good, I didn't even realize it, until one day I saw this fat guy standing next to my wife in a photo and was like "oh sh*t".

    But, I'm definitely lucky my girl got bigger too. I agree with another post. If you want a woman who loves to cook and bake for you, which is awesome by the way (!!), make sure she's either fat enough to be understanding, or else clearly doesn't mind you getting fat. It's much nicer to be in it together than deal with someone frustrated that you now look like someone who swallowed the man she married.

  • All too true! Since this quarantine began I have noticed a lot of men, especially younger men with newly acquired tummies, hubby included. Being stuck at home with someone who enjoys to cook doesn’t help of course. A lot of these men especially the younger ones who are used to going to the gym etc will struggle to lose their new weight gain.

  • Yup I am 29 and I packed a big fat belly on myself, now I like being fat. Big belly sticking out in front of me

  • Enjoy your big fat belly at only 29. Think of how much bigger it would be with a big fat woman stuffing your belly morning noon and night lol

  • Yeah and I want her to be a thin woman who makes me a huge pig by the time I am 32. Something about watching a sexy thin woman feed you fat just turns me on

  • What weight are you now fatty? Lol be careful what you wish for. My fat husband can barely walk at your age.

  • I am 412 now, I would love to meet a woman who would make me waddle even more.

  • Yup, I just got re-married to a very large woman about a year ago, now I went from thin to a HUGE overhanging belly and big moobs, we both love how fat we are getting. I used to joke with her about me getting fat and WOW did i get fat its addicting

  • How much do you both weigh? How much have you gained?

  • Hah -- pro tip: if a fat woman jokes about fattening you up ... she's not joking!

  • Even if a fat woman doesn't joke about fattening you up, she's probably thinking about it. I once dated a woman who weighed 250 when we met, but was on a mission to slim down. She was a very good cook, and I gained 15 pounds in the first two months dating her. This only gave me a small pouch but she loved to poke my tummy and tease me about how I was finding the weight she was losing. Then she told me that her last boyfriend gained 50 pounds in a year and that she really enjoyed him being bigger than her. We broke up soon after but stayed friends. A few years after she married and had a child I visited her family. She had slimmed down to 140 pounds but her husband who was skinny when they married was well over 300 pounds. At the dinner table she would refill his plate with second and third helpings without him even asking. So she probably had a vision of herself as a slim wife with a tubby hubby all along, and she made it come true.

  • You bet your life. She makes it her mission lol. Has this happed to you?

  • Yes it has. I have grown a HUGE belly thanks to her.

  • So she wasn’t joking! How much did she pack on you?

  • Do you have a goal weight for him?

  • I don’t have a goal but he will continue to gain that’s for sure as he married a fat wife lol. He is now hungry all the time. All the weight has gone on his tummy and moobs while his legs are still skinny.

  • Do you think he initially expected to remain skinny when you two got together? Did you tell him you're were going to fatten him up or was there no need to say it?

  • I might have joked with him about fattening him up but he just laughed being only 24 and skinny. But from day one in the marriage his food intake increased rapidly to more than he was used to. He might have expected it a little as he knows I love to cook and my ex husband was 450lbs.

  • From your description of him, it sounds like his gut was a ticking timebomb from the beginning with his love of food and no willpower. It was pure genius of him to marry a woman that would make his inevitable journey to fatness delicious and full of love. A lot of guys could learn from him.

    Men, all that pizza and beer is gonna catch up to you soon! Find a woman who will welcome your belly with open arms when it lops over your belt, and who will satisfy your cravings with more than just pizza.

  • Lol. Hubby used to struggle eating half a 14” pizza, now he can eat 2 no problem lol

  • Way to go! I love fat men and think many of the world’s problems would be solved by stuffing men non-stop to make them huge. Fat men are sexy, loving, considerate and submissive. Perfect mates for lean, strong women like me!

  • You know, nothing turns me on more than a strong woman stuffing me like a huge fat slob that I have become. The idea of a well built sexy thin attractive woman making me even a fatter slob gets my p e n i s hard

  • Interesting! A lot of the stereotypical male vices do boil down to a lack of self control -- cheating, being too quick to fight, boasting due to an unchecked ego.

    Focus that lack of self control on food instead. Let them ruin their abs not their relationships. The resulting gut helps bring stability, softness, humility, slows them down enough to pause and think.

    And through that fattening process they're happily handing over more and more control to you. With that control you can help them *grow* into just the man they need to be and you want to see.

  • I think he is shocked at the belly I have packed on him lol he is finding that hard to adjust to.

  • I've always wanted a fat husband and after we got married I packed 120 pounds on him in the first year. I kept the scale out of sight and swapped out his pants every month for a bigger size so he wouldn't realize how quickly he was gaining. By the time he fully understood how fat he had gotten he was close to 300 pounds and he could only take off 20 pounds before giving up and gaining again. By our second anniversary he was 350 pounds and rather than torturing himself about it, I convinced him to enjoy life as a fatty. He's 470 pounds now and enjoys all the attention I provide to his big belly, back fat and fat behind.

  • Really wish I could meet a person like you in real life. How much bigger are you going to get him?

  • My hubby has been self-fattening since he hit 280 pounds, so there’s no need for me to build his capacity by stuffing him, like I did at first. Now I just have to help him get enough exercise to keep him under 500 pounds. His appetite is huge now so that’s not easy.

  • How old is he, when did he start getting fat, are you big?

  • It's okay. He'll have plenty of time to adjust. It won't be going nowhere :) It's funny how a lot of young guys think they can eat everything in sight and then lose the flab later. It's a "have your cake and eat it too" mentality. But don't worry mister, instead, you can eat your cake and WEAR it too!

  • Lol! Oh he is wearing it alright, my double cheese lasagne and apple pie with double cream, from skimmed milk to full fat and from skipping breakfast to a cooked one most days. Yes being young he thought he get away with any weight gain.

  • You decided to fatten him but he submitted to you and ate the food that put 200 pounds on him. He's a fat man now and is only going to get bigger. When my husband hit 350 pounds, I threw away all his old clothes. That put a stop to his weight loss talk. He weighs 460 now and has come to accept his role as the fatty in our family. It also helped that I lost 50 pounds and took up weight lifting so he is 200+ pounds bigger than me yet I can beat him in an arm wrestle. I love feeding, fattening and f****** i n g my fat hog!

  • My wife is now 581 and for the last few years has just gotten fatter like your hubby, because she just loves to eat and I have helped her gain all that weight and is only going to gain more.

  • I did this with my wife who now weighs 572lbs and she just loves to eat.

  • Yes I love feeding my fat boy as well, he's 647.

  • One of the wonderful things about a fat husband is how much he appreciates me. Not just my cooking (though he often tells me how good it is) but he also loves never having to worry about getting too fat for me. S e x is available after every meal, he is totally free to indulge himself.

  • Oh my goodness he is a big boy. How much has he gained with you and how old is he? Do you have any gaining tips as I would like to put some meat on my skinny man lol

  • Within every skinny man is a fat man waiting to be let out! As many other posters have noted, the way to get a man nice and fat is to keep him turned on while feeding him increasingly large meals. This stretches his stomach out and associates eating with arousal. Once he has a belly, you can turn it into an erogenous zone through belly rubs, kisses and navel play. Do this, and I guarantee he will grow for you. I did this with two boyfriends and then my husband. Each one gained over 75 pounds, and my husband has put on 150 pounds so far.

  • Wow, it seems like you have to be really talented in some way to grow someone that big. Would you attribute it to being a phenomenal cook or are you really good at getting men to do what you want or does he simply have no self-control?

  • While fattening a husband over 600 pounds is exceptional, getting him nice and chubby (100 pound gain) isn’t hard at all in a long-term marriage. Many of the posts here are about gains at least that big, in only a few years. Increasing portion size and establishing a habit of over-eating via s e x u a l arousal are the key techniques to grow a tubby hubby.

  • Don’t be putting ideas into my head lol. He’s certainly heading for 400 pounds, but 460 might be too much on his 5 foot 7 frame. His belly would be hanging to his knees, now that’s a thought!

  • Go on keep fattening him, you know you want too ;)

  • Once my husband got over 300 pounds his weight gain accelerated. His appetite was huge, but since he could only manage a slow waddle, his activity was minimal. At that point, I was no longer fattening him, he was fattening himself. After he put on 20 pounds in a month, I became concerned about his mobility and suggested he sign up for a water exercise class since that is easy on the joints. It's on hold now due to the pandemic but he enjoyed the classes and his weight gain did slow down.

  • You sound like a dream girl :) I'm on the skinny side too, but I like to eat and I never trust a skinny chef. Hopefully my future BBW will enjoy feeding me up as well, and hopefully she likes fat men, because I know I'll be turning into one fast.

  • Thank you. My husband didn’t stay skinny for long! That happens a lot when skinny men marry a large woman because his food intake usually increases. My husband’s appetite is huge now but he is happy!

  • I just met a new amazing woman she is HUGE and she says she wants to fatten me too. We had s** the other night and it was aamzing

  • I've seen lots of guys get fat in relationships, but for sure, the ones that get the biggest are the ones who marry fat women. You'll be looking like her in no time and it will be delicious. You can always trust a fat chef !!

  • That sounds awesome! Are you planning to get really big for her? And where did you meet?

  • This all sounds amazing. Really wish I had a girlfriend that was into this stuff. How is it like having your girl make you helplessly fat?

  • It may sound strange, but it feels so amazing. That full feeling plus her rubbing your belly is the best. You'll get there, just find the right girl. To be honest, there are certain cultures where the women feel the need to fatten you up or else they are viewed as not taking care of you. Latin, caribbean, and some asian. If you get one of these, you don't even have to worry.

  • Don't forget Southern belles -- especially if you love meatloaf and pie and want her to get big with you! Italian too, although it can be hit or miss. But if she's old-fashioned, nothing will blow up you (and probably her) faster than lasagna -- ask Garfield and my friend from Jersey. Among Asian, I can personally vouch for Filipinas and Koreans. I've seen two guys get so fat so fast dating a sweet Korean woman. My two Filipino friends opted for marrying a chubby guy and turning him fat, so there's hope even if you've already got a head start :) There's rumors of Thai, Malaysian, and Indonesian women too, but I don't know any personally.

  • Southern women are the best. They are so sweet and sexy, but also ambitious and determined. If they want you fat they will ply you with donuts and pecan pie and rub your belly until you are enormous. You’ll get fatter than you ever thought possible, but you’ll also be fat and happy and have a wonderful family life. Not a bad tradeoff!

  • Ha, my wife and I just binge-watched two sitcoms in a row that referenced those fattening southern belles. One was called "Young Sheldon" set in East Texas. Mary Cooper keeps George Sr nice and fat with dinner in practically every episode. In one episode, he briefly mentions being thin in high school (when they met). Mary's the type that stays thin while he fattens up. Their neighbor is the fat family type, but dad still gets the double helping of a belly.

    Then we turned to Fresh off the Boat set in Florida. We just started, but already 3 episodes in, there's a brief scene where a tub boat of a man is trying to flirt with a woman at a party. A few seconds later is hot wife shows up telling him no-no. Of course he didn't get very far with that massive gut she'd packed on him.

    They're set about 10 years apart. Southern women have been keeping their men faithful for generations with that trick.

    Hmm, it's almost like football is in on it too. The guys play football in high school and get used to giant meals they work off. The women pick from their jock suitors, then simply keep providing the giant football meals they're used to, except now they're watching the game from a recliner. There's at least a hundred scenes of George drinking beer in the recliner. Gut blows up and there's no way he can remove the ring from his now pudgy fingers.

  • How big did your friend from Jersey get?

  • Well, that's why you treat her well and keep her happy. That way you get to be the little piggy that has roast beef. But if you misbehave, well, you know the real meaning of piggy who went to market, right?

  • Have you heard this before? Is this something you thought of? I always tgought of actual pigs.

  • It's interesting to be able to know the secret thoughts of spouses nowadays. I'm sure deliberate fattening still happened with lovers 20 years ago, but it was at most hushed gossip.

    I remember an uncle years ago who was a pretty good catch financially and physically, except he lacked self control in flirting with other women. His first wife left him for cheating. Later on he met a Latina who was sweet but also a little more possessive. She made it clear he was hers now.

    A year later, he was practically unrecognizable with his double chin and spherical body. She must have pumped him with food day and night to blow up his gut that big. But hey, 20 years later, he's still faithful to her. She redirected his lack of self-control to the dinner table and now she's the one in control. Guess she knew what she was doing.

  • Don't know if you'll ever respond to this or if you'll ever visit this site again, but on the off chance that you do...

    How did your uncle meet the Latina?

  • How much weight would you say your uncle gained in that year? What would your estimate be of his starting weight to his highest?

    I hear Latinas REALLY know how to cook and make excellent feeders

  • It was more the transformation - from player body to tub boat. He went from about 200 lbs of tough-looking muscle to a 300 lb jelly bowl. Fat is a lot less dense than muscle too, so he just looked a whole lot bigger, like an over-inflated balloon. She completely neutralized his SMV (sexual market value) to the hoes. I'd see him once a year around holidays, so it was striking. I remember when posing for family photos, she always put her hand on his belly, like "I put this there".

    Interestingly, she didn't make him too much bigger after that. It was more like a mission accomplished. Flirt days are done. He's a stable fat man now.

    And yes, I completely agree on Latinas based on my observations of several in my extended family. It's often this amazing mix of super-traditional dinner-on-the-table, massage-your-shoulders love, but also a feisty, don't mistreat me or my family, and especially don't cheat on me, intensity. You can easily get fat by accident, but if she WANTS you fat, she'll most definitely get her way. I've seen it all from desserts constantly left out on the counter, to "be a man, eat up", to literal spoon feeding even when company's over. My uncle was the most striking, but I've seen several guys swell up because their Latina clearly liked to leave a love mark around their waistline.

    They still love and treat their men like kings when they've swollen to blimps. And really, I suppose they're doing them a favor fattening them up. It takes away the temptation to try cheating and cuts down on the number of tempters.

    It's better to be fat and happy with her, because otherwise, she has claws if you treat her wrong. Iron hands in velvet gloves.

  • Years ago, I had a Latina girlfriend who loved to cook. Dinner time was very important to her, she took pleasure in feeding me and would always make an appetizer, salad, entree and dessert. At the time I was skinny and she weighed more than me even though she was 6” shorter. She liked to tease me for being too skinny, and when we would go to the mall, she would pick out pants that were several sizes too big, suggesting I needed to buy pants with “room to grow”. Years later, after we broke up, I saw her in the mall pushing a stroller, walking with a tall man I presumed was her husband, who looked to be at least 350 pounds. I smiled when they stopped in front of a women’s clothing store, he kissed her on the top of the head and she let her arm rest on a tire of his back fat, as if to take pride in her work.

  • Aw, count yourself lucky if you meet a traditional Latina and you're ready to commit to her. She'll quite likely turn you into a butterball, but she'll be loyal and love every inch of you.

  • "Keep 'em round and they'll keep around" as I say :)
    Or if they're thin when you meet,
    "Make 'em wide and they'll stay by your side"

  • God, I need a fat man to feed and f***. Where do you all find these sexy big men??

  • I hadn't shopped at Walmart since the quarantine started, but it seemed like every other person in the store was 300+, even young people. So the pool of fatties has expanded rapidly; the main problem is how you meet people while social distancing.

  • My advice is to look for a man who is compatible with you, someone who will handle the highs and lows of life. That includes physical, mental and spiritual compatibility. He doesn't have to be nice and chubby to start off, but he does need to respect you and let you prepare the meals. If you stay away from the fitness freaks and vain ones, odds are that he'll put on weight with time. If he only gains 10 pounds a year, in 10 years he'll have put on a hundred pounds and will have a nice "starter belly". The first hundred pounds is the hardest; once he's got a nice pot belly it'll be harder for him to exercise and his capacity will be greater so the second hundred pounds will come easier. Just increase his portions and combine food with s e x as some of the posters have noted. Follow this advice and you'll be able to get your future husband as fat as you desire.

  • I'm not fat yet, but with your help I could be! Email me and let's get to know each other

  • Once this quarantine is over it won’t be hard for you to find a big bellied fat man - assuming he can fit through the door to meet you.

  • Heh. Went to the beach last weekend. There were a lot of big bellies on display! The "COVID 19" is real!

  • I used to be thin until my wife made me fat now I’m roughly around 800 and can’t get out of bed unless she helps but she doesn’t because she prefers to see me ordering take outs from my bed as a sign of becoming dependent on her.

  • When you say you used to be thin, how thin? 200, 225, under 200? And how long (years) did it take to get to 800?

  • How did you two meet? Would you mind sharing the story of your wife fattening up to such a massive weight? What were your thoughts in the beginning compared to now?

  • I started dating a woman younger than me, she was always chubby, but in the last year she BLEW up like a balloon, I figured she had a feeder boyfriend or something. Huge stretch marks on her shoulders type fat girl, huge b o o b s, and a belly that started to bulge out and hang low. You know the kind of belly that you KNOW Is hanging all the way over the front of her p u s s y? Yeah that's the kind. Anyway I found out the girl eats non stop and that is why in the last year she blew up huge. Dating her of course got us both super fat (I am now near 350 lbs, was 200 when I met her) and she is closing in on 320 herself. I am here to tell you, fat s e x is AWESOME, I had never been fat before and I got fat quick too so most of my fat is soft and jello like, we have an amazing s e x life and plan on becoming even fatter together. I am just amazed that I never considered dating a fat woman or becoming fat myself.

  • Wait till she has to j e r k you off because your fat gut hangs low. My wife has to now, its such a turn on to not be able to reach your fat p e n i s as you swell up with good food

  • Well as it stands now I could probably not reach my p e n i s to j*** it, my belly hang is low and heavy, its cool however because I have no need to j***, she is always ready to let me have s e x with her. Man are we getting fat however, I got massive man t i t s that she thinks are "s e x y" I think I just look like a big fat woman with a hidden p e n i s but the s e x is awesome

  • Yeah my wife lost 90 lbs this year and she made sure I found it. We were having s e x last night and my gut is HUGE now, She was slapping it and making it jiggle, she loves my new fat belly

  • Yeah, my wife has lost 45 pounds so far this year and I've gained 38. For the first time since we met, I'm now larger than her (258 vs. 220) and she seems really into the idea of "role reversal" where she slims down and I get BIG. Last night she bought a pumpkin pie and fed it to me in bed. Then she rubbed my stuffed belly and complemented me on how big it is getting. Today she went out and got me 48 inch pants. When I put them on and noted how loose they were, she said "room to grow" and patted my belly.

  • Last night my wife stuffed me silly then asked me to get on the scale. I was shocked to see that I now weigh 274, a gain of 16 pounds in three weeks. She then got on, weighing only 208. She seemed very pleased at her weight loss, almost giddy at how quickly the fat is melting off her. She then poked her finger in my belly button and whispered in my ear “keep this up piggy and you’ll be a 300 pounder soon”. I almost c a m e right then.

  • I weighed in at 292 today, up 18 pounds from last month. My wife is down to 196, her lowest weight since high school. So now I am 96 pounds heavier than her. She seems almost giddy at how rapidly my waistline is expanding; a week ago I found my 48 inch waist pants (which had become uncomfortably tight in only a few weeks) replaced with a 52 inch version. When we met, she was 260 and I was 170. Role reversal indeed!

  • We weighed in again. I am now up to 308 and she is down to 184. Unbelievable that I am now 124 pounds heavier than her. My wife patted my belly last night and said "you're fattening up nicely, you'll have a 60 inch waist by the end of the year!". By then we could have a 200+ pound weight difference.

  • Very nice! Make sure to keep us updatedon how things are going.

  • Since we’re in lock-down my wife has been feeding me non-stop. I gained 5 pounds just last week, and weighed in at 319. My wife has been exercising for hours on the treadmill every day and somehow has managed to get down to 176. If we are in lock down for 3 months, I’m going to be so big I might have trouble getting out the door. My wife went ahead and ordered 60 inch pants for me online and made me try them on yesterday. They were falling off me but my wife seems determined to fatten me until they won’t fit. “In 3 months, you’ll outgrow these!” she said after we weighed in. If she keeps stuffing me like this it could easily happen.

  • Any update?

  • Since the virus hit, my weight has blown up. I am at 388 now and have outgrown the 60 inch pants. My wife got down to 144 pounds but since has gained back to 156. She ordered 70 inch pants online last week, and teased that I’ll be 450 pounds by New Year’s Day.

  • Wow.! That is pretty fat. I would love to see how that would feel om me.

  • How much do you weigh now? Hope your wife's made good progress on you!

  • Keep us updated!

  • I love the fact that my wife is getting thinner and I am getting fatter. WhenI met her I was 189 and she was well over 300 lbs, now she is around 190 and I am 439 lbs of pure fat.

  • How have things gone in quarantine? Are you still gaining? Is she still losing?

  • I was given a choice last night - lose the mustache (its new since the lockdown) or the belly (its been with me a long time before married, but she has helped maintain and grow it). While I like the new stache, I really, really enjoy my belly and though not always admitting it, she does too. She is caribbean and cooks sooo good. Just like the latinas mentioned above. She gives me so much more than I would give myself on a plate. Loves to rub my full belly. So, I think the mustache is going and the belly is going to grow. If this lockdown continues it will be a perfect storm - having to stay home and eat! I'm 270ish. Couple of years before getting married I was up to 310. Maybe I should aim for that. Telling me I can keep the belly - oh, its on now!

  • Oh yeah, I've heard about Caribbeans too. I overheard one tell her guy "you're too thin. You need island food," but he wasn't even thin! Pacific islands are that way too. Samoan men practically are not allowed to stay thin in a relationship. Maybe you can get a pass if you're muscular, but either way, better eat up. And let's not forget Nauru -- the fattest country in the world.
    But a lot of the pacific islanders look down on foreigners.

    However, Filipinas seem to have more interest in Western men, and I rarely see a thin American man with a Pinay. They either come fat or get fat with her cooking. Filipino food is famously fattening and many Pinay love to cook.

  • Here is what I like about my man getting fatter

    Funnel feeding

    Waddling to the fridge to get more food

    Stuffing until a piggy is gasping for breath

    Struggling to get out of bed

    So fat their d*** is covered by their hanging gut

  • All but the last one applies to my wife getting fatter. She's just become a hugely fattened piggy. that eats & eats & eats.

  • My hubby has turned me into hugely obese woman 575lbs. Getting me drunk, overfeeding me, f****** me as I eat & I have loved every minute of it. I'm his huge fattened goddess and will get even fatter for him, I don't want him to stop, ever!

  • Wish you were my wife😉

  • Yes huge fattened goddess, keep eating, gain more & more weight.

  • That's the girl, keep eating for hubby, get even fatter.

  • I am getting fatter 590 now

  • What foods do you eat most often? And how large are the portions?

  • I actually eat pretty healthy meals, not things that are fat laden. It's just the amount I eat, big portions and seconds and the fatter I get the more I need to feel satisfied.

  • I'm getting married next week and I'm hoping this happens to me, I love the idea of just letting go once you feel comfortable. I would love my body to be controlled by my wife, over the course of a year I go from 240 to 350 , each month new stretch marks crawl up my belly and hips. I'll start my daily heavy cream shakes before bed and increase my stomach capacity l. My c o c k slowly becomes engulfed in fat as it shrinks into my male fupa. It'll all be part of the transformation. She will make me wear a belt tight around my belly to help form my stomach into a double belly, almost becoming feminine like, my moobs swelling with fat and nipples stretching out too. A dream come true

  • Its awsome trust me, My thin wife turned me into a waddling fat cow in about 4 years, I was thin, and she grew me FAT

  • How did she get you so fat? How big are you now?

  • My husband has turned me into an overstuffed fat woman of 560lbs.

  • I need pics of that

  • I've read through all theses posts and god they turn me on. But to all you feeders/feedees just be aware.
    I have always been a woman that struggled to keep my weight stable, dieted on and off for years and my loving husband always supported me no matter what weight I was. then one day I caught him looking a big women on the web, not just bbw women, but ssbbw women. He admitted that he had an attraction to ssbbw women and at first I didn't know how to take it, but after a few days I thought if he likes big women I should just enjoy life & stop worrying about my weight.
    It didn't take long and I started piling on the pounds, I felt a sense of release, freedom and was truly enjoying life and food. we've both always been good cooks and now I was back to baking muffins, caramel slices and the like, which I hadn't done since the kids left home. I got fatter & fatter, s** got better & better and my husband became even more attentive to me than he was already.
    One night on our anniversary, we went out to dinner, came home & he'd bought a bottle of champagne & had chocolate covered strawberries, which he put one to my mouth & I ate it. There was something erotic about it, I asked him to do it again & again. As we got drunk, I wanted him to do it more and when they were finished I asked him to get the profiteroles I had made & feed them to me, it turned me on so much. We ended up making love and I'd become a feedee. We'd have feeding sessions with s** and I could c**
    multiple times, we'd weigh & measure me and it turned me on seeing the figures getting higher, so I got fatter & fatter. I'd gone from around 200lbs to 500lbs in 5 years and loved every minute of it.

  • Part 2
    All I thought about was eating, getting fatter, I loved him playing with my fat, caressing it, jiggling my rolls, the feeling of all my fat jiggling & wobbling as we made love and I continued to gain weight, I wanted to get even fatter.
    I hit 600lbs and loved it even more, loved the feeling of carrying around so much weight, feeling my belly sway from side to side as I waddled around the house, the struggle to get out of bed or off the lounge all turned me on as I knew I was getting so fat. I kept going, kept eating, kept gaining more & more weight. I got to the point where my hubby would help me out of bed, weigh and measure me, shower me, dress me & help me to the lounge, where I'd spend the day eating. gaining more weight.
    Today, I'm immobile, my doctor estimates I'm around 800lbs. I'm lucky in that I don't have diabetes, but I'm on medication for blood pressure, pain relief and sometimes need oxygen all due to my weight. Hubby has to take care of my every need, help roll me so I'm not in the same position too long as I'm too big to do it my own. I'm not saying I hate this life at all, I still love it, love that I've gotten this fat, I'm still gaining, I want to get fatter. Just be aware that this life isn't for everyone or shouldn't be thrust upon anyone without their consent.

  • So good that you dont have diabetes. Could I ask you how old are you? Do you plan on losing some just to be healthier?

  • Thank you for this post. I too have always struggled with my weight even though my hubby from day one told me he liked big women, I was 300 when we met. After years of dieting, gaining loosing and being miserable, he told me to stop worrying & just enjoy living as a fatty. From that day on I have just gotten fatter, s** got better and I was enjoying life. I loved eating more than than ever and simply didn't care what I weighed.
    Now I'm a lumbering, fat goddess of a lady weighing 585lbs and want to gain even more weight.

  • Oh Baby, I loved every word. Keep eating, get as fat as you can.
    I can relate to everything you said. My wife struggled with her weight, but I have always had a thing about really fat women, 500lbs or more. We had a similar thing in our relationship where it all came out & she decided to just let herself go. She came to love it, able to eat whatever & however much she wanted & just gained weight. S** just got better & better the fatter she got. S** & food together are the norm, she just absolutely stuffs herself everyday even though she weighs 623lbs & I love watching her stuff herself. She has told me that it turns her on so much that she is on the verge of o***** when she eats, sees her fat jiggle, when she's weighed & has gained more weight. She wants to keep gaining more & more weight, get as fat as she can get.

  • Do you want her as fat as the 800lb lady?

  • Yes I think I do

  • Any women that might be browsing this and seriously wants a guy to fatten up, email me @ feedthefatty2748@gmail and we'll discuss! I want to be a massive couch crushing hog for some lucky feeder gal someday. Talking 400-500lbs!

  • It happens, especially when you marry a fat woman. I was thin she was fat, within 2 years my belly ROLLED right over my c o c k even when hard. We are both fat waddling pigs now who love to eat and be teased about how fat we are getting. We would really love to have a thin woman come over, fatten us more and tease us about what pigs we have become.

  • I also was thin when I married a fat woman. She was 280 and I was 150 pounds on our wedding day. Now three years later I am 285 and she has lost almost a hundred pounds. She loves me fat and getting fatter but she had to lose for health reasons. She says she wants to be half my size by New Years.

  • Did she make her goal? How big are you now?

  • Yes. My wife is down to 150 pounds now, and I'm up to 305. She works out hard almost every day now and watches her diet so the fat is melting off her, but with my lower activity and the huge meals she feeds me, I'm gaining 5-7 pounds a month. Last night my wife told me that her goal is for me to be 3 times her size and that seems very likely on the path we're on.

  • Yesterday, my wife asked me to get on the scale. I weighed in at 344. She weighed 130. She is only 5’ 2” so she is still curvy and has a bit of a pouch, but she looks tiny next to me. She was so turned on after our weigh-in...

  • Your wife sounds a lot like mine. She works out like a demon now, doing hour long cardio sessions four times a week, lifting weights three times, plus a 1200 calorie/day diet, no carbs. After six months of training, she can do arm curls with 20 pound weights, can bench press 90 pounds, and can swim a mile. She is as serious about training as anything she has ever done. And she also is totally into fattening me up. She gets so h**** after our weighing and can’t keep her hands off my (ballooning) belly now. I am sure to be in your shoes ( double the wife’s weight) in six months if not sooner. Since my wife is only 5’ 3” and has a goal weight of 120, I might even end up three times her weight by the end of 2020. She even hinted as much today, saying “if you keep blowing up so quickly, I’ll need to order 60 inch pants soon”.

  • Same with me I liked fat girls so a married a 350 pound hog of a women but her habits rubbed of on me and at the end of our 5th year together (2 months ago) she was almost 450 pounds and I who married her weighing 150 am pushing 400 as well

  • It may seem bad but we love it two 400 pound lovers who gave up on being fit eat all the time and feed each other during s e x. Plus fat s e x is awesome

  • Collagen more weight u are wow

  • God this sounds amazing. Where do all of you lucky guys keep finding the feeder women!? Send some my way!!

  • Find a slim southern woman who loves to cook. Natural feeder for sure.

  • Truer words were never said. My wife is from South Carolina, a true southern belle (and steel magnolia),. I like to think I fell hard for her beauty and brains but her cooking was also a factor. She was fat when I met her and was very much a lady so it took a while for me to fully understand how ambitious and determined she is. What she wants, she gets. All is fair in love and war! Now she is on a slim down mission while feeding her “butterball” huge meals every night and rubbing my growing belly afterwards. At this point, I am the one who is going to be wearing the fat pants.

  • How did you two meet?

  • We met at college at Auburn. I was a sophomore and she was the teaching assistant in my accounting class. I was impressed by how smart she was. She was around 200 then, and I was around 175. I didn’t make a move until 4 years later when we were in business school together. By then she had gained to 250. We would study at her place and she would make dinner. She was so sweet and smart and beautiful, but also a great cook. I fell for her hard. Before we got married she had a health issue and decided to lose weight, and got down to 200 again for our wedding. By then I was around 225, so I have been bigger than her since we married. Now she is around 175 but wants to lose another 40 pounds. The quarantine slowed her down a bit but she hasn’t gained, but I have put on 30 pounds and weigh 295 now. She makes a killer key lime pie. I had three slices last night. So I’ll be a 300 pounder soon.

  • She planning on you stopping at 300lbs, or will you get bigger?

  • From time to time, I have asked her whether I am getting too fat for her. She always says "I love that you BIG!". A few weeks ago while hugging me she whispered in my ear that she wants me so big she can't get her arms around me. "You'd be so sexy at 400 pounds!" she said. At that weight I would have gained all the weight she has lost since her high, and then some. She knows that she has me wrapped around her little finger, so if she wants me to be 400 pounds, she'll get her wish.

  • I was a kind of chubby 180 pound guy in University not used to getting sexy women until I met my now wife we dated for a year I gained around 20 pounds, we married young at 21 as soon as we were married she said she loved fat guys and making them fatter she was so beautiful who was I to say no I'm now 24 and 350 pounds she stuffs my every night I'm only getting fatter and I love it

  • It’s great when you’re spouse likes and wants you fatter. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I married 8 years ago and weighed 185, now I’m up to 350 and love every new pound.

  • My girlfriend is petite but it is exciting to her when I put on "love pounds". She weighs and measures me every week and before we go on vacation she buys me new pants two sizes bigger. I was chubby when we met (230), but she has put over a hundred pounds on me. She loves to feed me and rub my belly; last night she called me her "fat hog", funnel fed me a gallon of melted ice cream while giving me oral, rubbed my belly and rode me. Let's face it: there is no way I can resist her. I am her feedee to fatten as big as she wants.

  • You're on track to hit 500 pounds by your 30th birthday. To carry that kind of weight without debilitating joint pain, you're going to need to put on some serious muscle (particularly in your lower body) to carry the mountain of fat your wife is packing on you. So consider becoming a muscle chub.

  • Wow, I would be there with you if I had realized I like a big belly earlier in life. Didn't catch until well in my 30s. i'm scared of how big i would be. To me the bigger my belly, the more i feel like a real man. With a good woman feeding you and liking your growing belly, how much better could it get?!

  • She's the money maker in our relationship anyways so I do what she says and she wants me a bedbound chub and that's something I'd love

  • How much do you weigh currently?

  • 416 pounds and going strong she is making me huge

  • Any updates? How your wife can fatten you so quickly is astonishing

  • Sounds amazing dude. Would you mind if I ask how you met your wife? Did she give off any signs that she liked your weight gain/fat before you married?

  • I had my suspecions that she preferd larger guys but I really had no clue she likes making guys bigger, next thing I know I'm married and letting her funnel feed me

  • What did she say or do that gave you suspicions? Being funnel fed sounds absolutely amazing

  • What did she do that made you have suspicions?

  • Buying me bigger clothes, standing near me when I was weighing myself and saying I was looking good when my weight was higher, complimenting tight clothes made had me had my suspicions

  • I think the hottest thing my sexy wife has ever said to me was "I am going to make you eat until you grow t i t s"

    And grow t i t s I did, huge heavy jiggling man b o o b s that are now bigger than hers. Fat slopped over my p e n i s and lower and lower down, my a s s got wide and soft, and walking became hard, yet my slim, sexy wife kept telling me I was not fat enough, as she would straddle my stretch marked swollen obese belly and make love to me

  • I love that my man has bigger man t i t s than my t i t s. I just keep making my hog eat and eat. Feeling his weight on me is amazing

  • My girlfriend is tiny, so my man b**** are way larger than hers. She loves to suck on my nipples, and the other night she said she was going to fatten me up as big as a cow and milk me. My belly is so big now that she can't get her arms around me, but she keeps telling me she wants me fatter. She's only 110 pounds, and I am 430, so the contrast is incredibly sexy.

  • She stuffed me good last night, so once I was full, she started in with the beer, glass after glass, got me pretty drunk THEN she wants me to waddle outside nude in the back yard, so here I am drunk, fatter than I have ever been (around 560 now) waddling around trying to keep myself up right, carrying all this thick heavy fat on me. She sscrewed me right in thebacack yard in the mud and told me I would like it since I was now her pig.

  • Damn that sounds hot, I would love to be someone's fat pig like that

  • I have roughly doubled my weight in 15 years of marriage. When we got married I was around 250 lbs. , last time I checked my weight, it was at 493 lbs.! It’s pretty obvious that my wife is into my huge belly as she pats and fondles it frequently. She also has always contributed to my weight gain by encouraging me to eat huge meals. When we eat at home she is very supportive of me getting thirds and sometimes even fourth helpings.

  • Would love to see the before and after photos! Here’s to hoping you gain another 250 lbs!

  • The strangest thing about growing fat as a man and then VERY fat is how you feel like you are becoming a woman. You get these huge man t i t s, they get bigger, heavier, your a s s gets wide and you get this big old booty, next thing your p e n i s gets buried under that huge belly roll of lard and you start looking like a fat woman. It turns my girl on when I waddle around nude now looking like an obese out of control waddling fat girl

  • I actually like this part, not that I want to become a woman, but I like the big huge sagging man t i t s I am growing and the way my huge sagging belly now hangs over my p e n i s and rubs against it all day.

  • I can't wait until I'm at the point that my gut covers my d***. It's getting there, hanging lower and lower, just resting on the tops of my jiggly thunder thighs now. I already have a huge cellulite covered ass and my moobs are coming in nicely. I can't wait until I'm so fat you can't tell if I'm a man or woman without checking under the rolls.

  • Its ahacutlly fun, your belly rubs against it all day, and you feel it geeting harder

  • Love that, the big heavy weight of my fat belly jiggling around on my p e n i s all day. I see a hot woman and my d i c k gets hard, but she does not know because its hidden under all my belly fat.

  • I am there now, huge belly hanging down over it, m a s ter bation is hard, but have a wife for that

  • Yes, love the big belly feeling. Nothing beats walking around naked with EVERYTHING jiggling. My wife loves it. When she is giving me a hand job, its getting harder to even see her over the mountain-like belly. Sometime she slaps my belly and it is so exhilarating. QUESTION - Does anyone else feel like their belly swells when she is doing a job? I know I push it out too, but it gets or feels so big.

  • Yeah, my girl is thin but she loves me fat, I am just to the point where my gut hangs over the entire front of my p e n i s. When it gets hard it makes my gut flop over either side of it, last night she told me she wants my gut to push it down and get so big she has to lift it up just to have s e xx wtih me

  • Get drunk, trust me on this, get yourself really really drunk and then eat and eat, stay drunk a few days, before you know it that belly will sag RIGHT OVER that b o n e r. Worked for me

  • YES being a fat drunk piggy is good. I like my men fat, drunk and sloppy so I can lift their huge hog guts and suck all day while they get their man t i t s bigger than my t i t s

  • Are you looking for a man to turn into a massive drunk hog or have you already landed one? I'd happily volunteer!

  • When I married my wife she was heavy, now she has really packed on the pounds, around 360 lbs. I love it myself (always liked fat women) so I am happy but as of late I have been growing quite fat myself. The other day we were in the bathroom nude, she was getting into the shower and she just grabbed the bottom of my sagging belly and said "Wow, you are getting nice and fat" Instantly my d i c k got rock hard, and we ended up having s e x for an hour after that. I am growing quite fat now, and fat s e x is awesome.

  • My wife has a slob fetish, so she wants me fat, sweaty, smelling and greasy like a fat pig. She loves it when I waddle around and fart from eating too much, I STINK when I fart. I am a total piggy.

  • My wife has always struggled with her weight, so she finally just gave up. She piled on the weight, then told me she loved being fat & wanted to get fatter, she'd become a feedee. So, I've been her feeder & now she 660lbs of sup sexy fatness. But she still keeps encouraging me to feed her & I find I can't resist her desires. Keep fattening her?

  • My girl loves me fat, she feeds me non stop and walks around in front of me in sexy underwear, so of course I want to s c r e w her so I eat, grow fatter and she just laughs at my big sweaty hanging fat belly sagging lower and lower.

  • As a man who wants to be made fat and as gained 100 pounds to become 250 pounds I would love to be fed like you

  • My husband & I have fattened me to immobility & it turns me on so much. I can't stop gaining.

  • I would love to be in a mutual gaining relationship where we could grow fat together. I am at 300 lbs. and would love to be fattened to 400 lbs. by a woman who gets more and more turned on by feeding and fattening me. My large soft moobs would get even bigger and my huge 60" gut even larger. Just the thought makes me hard as a rock.

  • Eating is fun, growing fat for your wife is fun, my ass is wide, my moobs are heavy and I can only see becoming so fat I cant walk!

  • Eating is fun, growing fat for your husband is fun. I can barely get out of bed on my own, I've gotten so fat but can't stop.

  • She keeps stuffing me, I keep staring at her sexy t i t s and eating myself as big as she wants

  • You BOTH look hot. The picture is amazing!

  • The pic below is my wife getting dressed up to go out with me one night last week. She loves fat guys, I was fat when I met her, but she lets those monster b**** loose and tells me I need to get fatter what do you think is going to happen? I am going to eat and eat until I am fat enough to make her happy. She's a plumper too which I like but I am now HUGE compared to when I met her.

    This is Lisa.

  • Wow if she let those b**** out near me I would eat until i could not walk

  • Trust me dude, I am already there, I had a h*** of a time getting up out of bed the last few mornings, where my p e n i s used to be looks like a fat womans p u s s y, I am a pig, and I am only going to llet her get me fatter. Walking is pure h*** this huge exaggerated waddle I have to do to get one fat leg around the other.

  • Haha staring at those huge t i t s is going to make you a waddling mass of fat man in no time. I dont know what it is about fat guys, but they love us big boo bed women, Its kind of handy because I love fat guys, they keep staring and I keep shoving food in their mouths.

  • I love huge t i t s and its rare to find them on a thin woman, so when I met her, I was in heaven, the more I ate the more of those huge t i t s I got to suck on. I am such a pig for her

  • I can't look down anymore. My moobs are so full, swollen, and round, that they press into my chin. My belly has taken over my entire body. it is a perfect sphere and makes me look like a balloon animal, it's so round. My love handles, my back fat, all converge in my belly and make me full and heavy. my belly is so big, I can't stay upright when I sit down, my belly pushes me back and my fat swollen heavy moobs keep my eyes looking nearly up at the ceiling, I almost can't watch tv, I'm so full of...fat. my nipples are big and swollen and sit on top of my near dome shaped and bulbous chest. my beachball belly completes my newly fattened body. I weigh 550 pounds. My butt and thighs are so wide, I can feel the walls with my hips when I walk down the hall. While that makes me seem like I am pear shaped, my belly is just as big and just as wide. When I walk, I feel my weight shift from side to side. Jiggle, Jiggle. Waddle, Waddle. My big healthy milkshake moobs shift from side to side. n.

  • So f' in hot and sexy...would love to massage those moons with my mouth!

  • My underbelly, the most sensitive part of my swollen upper body, ripples just slightly enough to turn me on. I can't even reach my d i c k anymore, I can barely look down enough to see my belly's crest hide it from view. I can feel it, surrounded by softness. My fupa, my sweet juicy fupa is swollen and supple, engulfs all but the tip of my d i c k and teases me with every jiggling step. Knowing that with every bite of food I take, my d i c k gets smaller and smaller is such a turn on. I'm so fat now, all that's left is the highly reactive and very sensitive tip, surrounded in the plushest fat, sensitive and pleasurable to the touch. When I get h**** is when I fall into the cycle. I can't reach over my belly and it turns me on. I can't pleasure myself and it turns me on. I can't roll over and pleasure myself with pressure because my belly is too big, it keeps my wide, heavy hips from touching the bed.
    I strain to sit upright, i use my arms and swing my girth foreward, but my big round belly pushes me back, it always wants me to lay back and relax, my belly, my huge moobs, my body always fights me when i want to move, like it wants to remain still and grow and grow. I was born to be fat. defeated by my own fatness, I sit on the couch in pleasurable defeat and rub my belly, it's round and swollen sides, My wife plays with my love handles, bigger than her hand, She tease my nipples, puffy and filled with fat, i moan a big chub moan. "Look at how fat you've made yourself, " She says, weak with pleasure and satisfaction. "You've gotten a little chunky, huh, porker? what a whale, what a plump and juicy whale you've become...MMM swollen like a balloon, fat..."

  • The best is beach season. She is walking in front of you, all thin and sexy in her bikini, and you are waddling behind her in your bathing suit, HUGE fat swag of a belly hanging down over your p****, out of breath and jiggling like a fattened pig. All sweaty and fat. She turns around and makes fun of the mess she has made of your body, your big man t*** jiggling in the wind and you know full well you are only going to become more of a fat pig for her

  • I love this, just thinking about my man fattened like a cow waddling behind me turns me on

  • I reallly like the way my man t i t s jiggle and shake now, wife sucks on them and they are bigger than hers.

  • I love that, I am married to a thin women who has made it her goal to turn me into a human pig, she feeds me non stop and wont let me s**** her unless I eat everything she puts in front of me. She has HUGE t i t s and my moobs are getting close to the size of them. I love being her fat pig and looking like a slovenly fat cow waddling behind her

  • Try living with a woman who likes fat guys, and makes you eat for s**. Trust me, I am not getting any thinner but she is.

  • My wife keeps getting more fit as she fattens me bigger and bigger. She loves to contrast her 6 pack abs, perky t*** and bulging biceps with my huge gut and man b****. She weighs every few weeks and if I haven't gained she stuffs me silly until I've outgrown my clothes. She says she wants me to be 5 times her size and I believe she will get me there one day.

  • Same here, when my wife and I got married we were both fat, I gained, she lost and now she has a bodybuilder type figure and I just keep on plumping up. She loves it and quite frankly its kind of sexy when we are having s e x and I feel like a pig

  • My wife was fat when we married and now she is losing while I am plumping up. She refills my plate until I can’t eat another bite then brings out dessert and rubs my belly after she packs it so tight. I can imagine getting huge while she continues to slim down and get fitter.

  • I'm in the same situation now. My wife was a fatty when we met but now she's on a weight loss kick but all the weight she is losing is ending up on me and then some. I've got a ball belly now and she can't seem to keep her hands off it and she stuffs me breathless every night.

  • Wow. I can relate to this for sure. My wife is still plump, but at the rate she is losing, that won’t be true for long. And she is fattening me up so quickly I need new pants every month. She seems obsessed by my growing belly. Last night, she straddled me and c a m e three times, the first two without me in her.

  • Its a struggle, because both of us are well over 400 lbs so its a constant struggle because we BOTH love eating and both love growing fatter, but we also love s**, and at our size s** is a messy, sweaty, difficult deal. I guess eventually we will both end up like beached whales and need someone to help us some during s**

  • My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years and we’ve both ballooned into morbidly obese pigs- I’m tipping the scales at 470lbs and hubby isn’t far behind at 420lbs.. While I’ve always been a piggy (married him at 350lbs), he was only around 170lbs when we married and had a 6pack.. Now he can barely reach his d*** under his heavy gut hehe.. I love my jelly belly hog and will only continue to fatten him up :-)

  • I love men with bellys that hang over their d i c k s. Makes my p u s s y wet. Big heavy man b**** too. amazeballs.

  • You sound like a fine woman!

  • This is so hot. Can't imagine anything sexier than growing fat together. Encouraging each other to eat high calorie foods and become hugely obese cows together. Playing with each other's fat and and struggling to have s**, yet enjoying each others fat. So erotic!

  • Sounds hot, I bet he has a hard time jerking off

  • I love it when I struggle to my feet after she has stuffed me a huge meal for hours. We are both getting so fat.

  • Yep, no need to diet if you just make your man fat with you.

  • I have been fattening my husband for years now, he is a huge big blob, just the way I like him. Its adorable to watch him struggle to reach under that huge belly I packed on him, to reach his pe nis and try to m********* without jiggling like a bowl of fat. Love my fat man

  • Are you big yourself? Was your husband big when you met him? How much sos he weigh now?

  • If you are a guy who wants to get fat marry a fat woman, I tell ya within a year I was HUGE, big fat wobbly belly that hangs WAY WAY low, fat thick legs, huge fat ass that almost looks like a womans ass. I love being fat with her and we both are growing into fat blubber b****.

  • Yup, that is the danger of marrying a fat woman. I love fat really huge women, always have, but since I married my current wife who is close to 400 lbs, I have grown like a cow, The other night before bed, she was nude on the bed, and of course it got me hard, I looked down and all I saw was the very tip of my p e n i s sticking out under this HUGE belly and fat moobs I have packed on myself.

  • Heh. I can definitely testify to the results of marrying a fat woman. Fat women know how they put on weight, so even if they lose weight themselves they know how to feed and fatten someone else.

  • Nothing better than looking down when hard and only seeing the tip of your pe ni s after she has fatened you up like a fat cow.

  • Iove you huge fat bellies on you my name is wayne

  • I love that I have a fat husband. Love his fat belly and how big he is getting. I keep fattening him, and there is really no limit to how fat I want to get him, I am so attracted to fat and its really starting to pack on him.

  • That's some picture!

  • Just looking at that pic for the last 4 hours, of your tiny shapely t i t s and your sexy c u n t has made me sit here all alone and eat and eat and eat. I wish I had a woman like that to s**** me now that i am a huge cow of a man

  • Glad to see I have that effect on you. We would love to see your pics.

  • Wow, you got him nice and fat, you look trim and sexy and he looks like a huge beer bellied fat piggy with a huge d***.

  • I sure did, love that big fat belly of his. His d i c k may look huge now but once I get done fattening him, most people will have a hard time seeing it under that big fat belly of his.

  • DAMN If I had a wife that looked like you, I would eat until I could not walk. You have a very sexy body

  • Thats the goal sweetheart, tease them with my body until they eat so much I have to j*** them off because they are too fat.

  • Thats my goal, get so fat someone has to j e r k me off becuase I cant reach under my fat gut. Looking at your pics and having your tease me would drive me CRAZY, your tiny t i t s would look small comapred to my huge fat heavy man b o o b s and my big rolled over fat blubbery belly would bump right up aginast your sexy p u s s y

  • Did I mention that I love man bo obs? I cant wait till he gets bigger ones

  • A typical friday night in our house. Me nude on the bed, obese like a cow, and my wife doing her best to keep me fat, drunk and happy. She just loves the beer belly and fat she has packed on me.

  • She has nice t i t s, did she make you drink all that beer? I would love the feeling of being drunk now that I am 480 lbs. Maybe I should ask my wife to get me good and drunk before we have s e x tonight

  • She always makes me drink all the beer, and vodka, and pretty much evetryhing. The weight comes so quickly now, I am her personal fattened drunk cow

  • I would love to be fattened up by my wife. It would be so erotic being stuffed like a pig and knowing my wife is getting more turned on the fatter I become. I get hard just thinking about it.

  • I get hard thinking about it too, but thanks to my piggy appetite and a wite who likes me fat, drunk and sloppy, there is little I can do with my hardened p e n i s under all my fattened whale blubber

  • Damn, she gave this fat man a huge h******, I would love a woman who fattened me and kept me good and drunk

  • Getting fat is addicting. I married a big fat woman and found myself just as fat as her in about 4 years. We are both huge now, I will have to try to let her get me drunk, I cant imagine how much fun that would be with my huge belly hanging down over my d i c k as I get drunker and fatter for her. S** is fun with both of us fat, and we plan on growing ourselves so fat we are bed bound.

  • Yeah, I would end up with even a bigger fatter beer belly with her as my wife. You are lucky, I need a woman to bring me beer like that and keep me nice and fat and drunk

  • Its certainly a great life, she has an amazing job, so I waddle around the house all day, growing fatter and fatter watching my huge gut swallow up my p****, and my ass getting wider and wider as I get drunker and drunker.

  • Damn you are lucky, I wish my wife would grow me fatter, she always says she likes me fat but wont get into growing me fatter.. I cant imagine her getting me bigger and then on top of it, drunk off my ass.

  • Its fun, its the whole humiliation thing too, here is your sexy trim wife, and there you are, this fat obese slob who is drunk off your ass, waddling behind her while she teases you about being so fat. She likes to as me how long its been since I have seen my p****, its probably close to the time we got married.

  • Last night was awesome, she had me so drunk I could not stand with all this new fat on my belly. I was waddling around hopelessly with a huge b**** sticking out under my fat belly and could not even j******* thanks to her making me drink more and more. She climbed on top of me called me fat names and f***** my brains out for hours. I sware I am 40 lbs heavier this AM. I love being her fat drunk slob.

  • That is a sexual fantasy for me, to be my wife's fat drunk slob.

  • Here is what I look like now, I was so drunk last night and she insisted in taking pics of my ever shrinking fat p e n i s and my gut is getting so heavy.

  • Aww poor thing…you can’t get up anymore. Too bad. I didn’t want you to. While you spent the last two years being a complete hog you hardly noticed your body bloating up past 800 pounds. Maybe you did but just didn't care anymore. I make you feel good, right? Adoring your corpulent body every day. Spoiling you rotten with endless snacks and sugary drinks. A nice recipe for obesity. A constantly full tummy, warm blankets and a luxuriously comfortable bed. Who would want to leave that anyway? Soon I’ll have you eating from a large funnel hanging above your bed. A slow thick slop adding more flesh to you, anchoring you into the bed for good. You’ll be so swollen with lard you won’t be able to struggle when I take over and power feed you. Your belly will fill up and stretch until it sits past your fat buried kneecaps. I’ll mock you for letting yourself get so g****** fat but you’ll probably like it anyways. You’ll grow weaker the bigger you get and I’ll finally have complete control over you. Rubbing and pinching, measuring and weighing you every day. Using your body in disgusting ways. Watching you humiliate yourself when you attempt to m a s t e r b a t e or even roll over. Seeing you wheeze and gasp with every slight effort of movement after you swell up to half a ton. Millions of calories piled into you, creating a disgusting mass of a once respectable human being. People will judge you for doing this to yourself. “You could have said no….” They’ll say. “How could you possibly let yourself get this big?” “You need to see a doctor, you are out of control.” Taunting, degrading, teasing you. But you will just consume more thinking of how you could push yourself to grow so f****** huge that you won’t be recognizable. A slave to a heart monitor and other medical aids just to keep you alive for me. A funnel of calorie filled sludge to help you fill out even further. A humiliating mound of sinful gluttony in human form. A neverending flow of fat straight into your mouth.

  • Omg, that was a hot read.

  • Oh honey, I am a 42 year old woman and you drive me crazy with that fat belly of yours. We could both get drunk together and have s e x all night. You would be needing a bra and girdle by the time I got done feeding you. Your man t i t s are driving me wild.

  • Now that I could get into, Drunk, Fat, and wearing a bra and girdle because I am such a fat man cow. You would have to help me pull that girdle over my huge gut now

  • I would get you so fat and so drunk your head would spin. I love fat guys, I have only dated fat guys and the thought of your fat blubber pressing down on me and my trim sexy body turns me on so much. Even better if you were sloppy drunk and having a hard time walking. Just lay you down, keep you drinking and eating and bounce up and down on you - Kelli

  • Oh honey, I would suck you clean and then fatten you like the pig you want to be. I LOVE fat men, and I am thin so it is awesome for the contrast game

  • Wow, I love fat guys, and your body got me wet. Wish I knew who you were, I would show you a good time. I love fat guys and have only dated fat men my whole life. I would use my slim sexy body and big b**** to make you eat.

  • You sound like an incredible feeder, ready to turn your partner into a huge hog.

  • Wow as a woman who likes fat guys, I am loving those nice fat man-t***, they are nice and plump. I would have your belly sagging over that d i c k of yours in no time, then I would lift up that HUGE belly I packed on you and suck until you cover me in c**.

  • I would like that, especially if you get me sloppy drunk, so I am stumbling around, and my fat is jiggling like the pig that I am. I wish my man t*** were bigger, I want them big, fat and hanging, and my belly now covers half of my P e n i s. My ass is wide and soft too, so while you are getting me drunk and stuffing me with food, you would see it spilling out of my chair with all the fat you would pack on me. There really is no limit to how fat I want to get (Or how drunk you can keep me, I prefer to be drunk because it makes me feel like even more of a fat sloppy pig)

  • Oh so fatty likes to be drunk huh? Well we will just have to take care of that. My name is Jennifer, and I LOVE fat guys but I think I can also learn to love fat drunk guys too. I bet once I let you see my body, your d ick would get so hard even you could see it bulging under that huge gut of yours. Drink up honey, you have a lot of food to eat for me. I want to see you stumbling and pigging out. I want to run my hands under your huge gut and feel your fat manhood pulsing as you slur your words for me baby. I want to see your man b**** grow bigger than my huge sexy b****, I want you to be my drunk pig.

  • That's really hot. It's nice to hear from a woman who really knows what she wants.

  • Jeeeniger, I am gettign drunk for you.. where ahre you? My penishh is hard and my belly is fat.. come take agdabvagtage of me

  • Oh look at poor drunk fatty, you cant even reach under that huge gut I put on you to yank at your fattened heavy c o c k Hey fatboy, have another 12 beers an eat more food, get yourself smashed and fat for me. I might even let you see my smooth thin v a gina and sexy t i t s if you get fat enough

  • FUCKKKK Yes, get me drunk and fatter, I want to be your pig, a fat smelly sloppy hog, only able to waddle, m********* and eat more

  • Well met Jennifer and now we are a couple, I stay nice and drunk and am getting even fatter. She has an amazing c u n t when she lets me f u c k her

  • Oh Jen, I want to be your drunk fat pig, Make me a fatter piggier drunken slob

  • If any women wanted to fatten me from chubby into huge I’d give them anything they would want

  • I love my fat man, I stuff him and stuff him, his area where his d*** USED to be now looks like a huge fattened v*****. I have to reach under that huge belly apron I packed on him and get him off. His t*** are far bigger than mine now and I love to hold up his fat belly and suck his tiny fat d*** off. He is helpless and I love it!

  • My wife is a thin woman who loves fat guys, when we were married I was around 280, 10 years later I look like a fat woman lol I have huge man t***, huge ass, thick belly that hangs way over my one large p****, and I waddle like a beast. I love being teased by her about my weight, she always packs me full of food every night and still manages to get me hard as a rock under all that fat padded belly. Once you get as big as I have gotten (around 590 lbs) it is sort of like a s** change, where you become this fat cow of a man, who no longer feels or can see his p**** and you get these huge man udders.

  • My hubby has gained from 170 to 240... can't wait until I get him over 300 pounds! My plan is to get him as fat as you!

  • Take it from me... the best is yet to come. I've been fattening my hubby since before we were married and he's gained 130+ pounds so far. Getting him nice and chubby was the best thing for our relationship. When he was skinny we would argue but now that I've fattened him up very little seems to bother him, and the s e x is amazing - his big belly rubs my lower bits just right. It's really true that a fat husband and thinner make a good combination. Girls, if you think your boyfriend might be "the one", start fattening him up right away!

  • My current boyfriend was 170 when we met and after three years together, he is now 330 pounds. He is so much easier to get along with now that he's gotten nice and fat. I cook huge portions and stuff him until his belly is tight every night, then I bring out a huge dessert and feed it to him until he can barely breathe. I want to get him to 450 pounds, so he have the huge belly I crave and unable to m a s t e r b a t e, but still mobile. At that weight he'll be 300+ pounds bigger than me. I love climbing on top of him and bouncing on his huge belly with him inside me - I can c u m two or three times a night. So satisfying!

  • Totally agree! My boygriend had been around 350 when we first met and but over the next three years lost almost 200 pounds. I didn't push him to gain all the weight back but I did make my preferences known and he when we got engaged he agreed to put on 50 pounds for the wedding. Once he started loosening up his diet he overshot and was around 240 on our wedding day. Our honeymoon was a 4 week cruise and he put on another 40 pounds, so he came home from our honeymoon a rotund 280 pounds and I came back pregnant with our first child. Since then have had two more children, so our lives are very busy. I kept exercising during pregnancy and was careful with my diet so today I'm only 5 pounds heavier than on our wedding day. However my husband put on more than me with each child and didn't lose the weight after the babies arrived so as of his last weighin he is 437 pounds and I couldn't be happier! I love to fill up my husband with lots of food and of course, loving! At this point, we're done having kids but he's fattened up beyond my wildest dreams, so I'm fine if he doesn't gain any more weight, or even if he loses a little. I know he'll never be skinny again, ha ha! The best thing about having a husband more than 300 pounds heavier than me is the dynamics of our relationship. I am naturally dominant, and as he has fattened up he has naturally assumed the submissive role so this is perfect for me. His man t i t s are way bigger than mine and I love to tease him about them as well as rub and poke his enormous belly. His belly button is so big and deep and sensitive that I am able to get him to c u m by rubbing his belly and then fingering his navel to finish him off. Seeing his belly mountain jiggle like a huge bowl of jelly makes me so proud of how fat I have helped him get.

  • Wow. As I have gained my belly has become an erogenous zone. My wife loves to rub my belly and play with my navel, and man does this turn me on!

  • After stuffing me, my wife loves to pat my belly, slide her slender index finger into my belly button and call me her “growing fatty” before we retire to the bedroom. I get so turned on when she does that. No wonder it has been so easy for her to put 200+ pounds on me over the years.

  • Did you have any clue she was going to fatten you up so much, back even when you were dating? I guess she couldn't call you a "growing fatty" at the beginning, so what were the early clues, if I could ask :)

  • It was clear from the beginning that my wife was more on the traditional side, being southern and from a religious family. Her dad was a bigger man, a former linebacker who was 6 foot 2 inches and probably around 280. Maybe the biggest tip-off was that when I gained weight after marriage the portions got bigger and bigger, and after I asked her if I should lose weight, she told me that she liked a belly on a man and wouldn’t mind me putting on more weight. That was around the point when she culled my wardrobe, throwing out all the clothes from my thin days. The message was clear: you’re a fat man now, you’ll never be skinny again. That was 100 pounds ago.

  • Gotta love southern cooking. One of the most delicious ways to get FAT!

  • Are you wanting to keep fattening him?

  • At this point, I don't push him to gain, I just pamper him and let him eat as much as he wants. He is still getting fatter, but more slowly - so far this year he's only put on 15 pounds. At this rate, it might take him a few years to hit 500 but that's fine with me - he's my fat dreamboat!

  • I so get this too. I have fattened my amazing wife to 512lbs as of last week, all by pampering her & letting her eat as much as she wants. I also get her off by finger and f****** her belly button, her belly is so huge, she's only 5'6".

  • There is something to sexual about fattening your partner if they consent. I too have fattened my wife. she's always been a foodie, but was worried about her weight. Then she just started to gain, so I spoiled her, always telling how her gorgeous she was as she got fatter. Now she's my 530lb piggy goddess, who is getting fatter.

  • Oh god yesss, there is something very sexual & erotic about being fattened by your partner. I'm 562lbs for fattened piggy wife that is happy to get even fatter.

  • Ohh I can’t wait until my hubby gets as fat as you!!

  • You are one lucky man...she is lucky to have you to fatten up!

  • Both my wife and I were fat when we got married, of course we grew much fatter over time. Fat s** is AWESOME.. so much of my blubber and her blubber just slapping against itself, huge gut hanging over her p**** and over my d***. Its a blast. We are probably going to end up immobile pigs but fat s** is awesome and obese s** is amazing.

  • I started from 170 to 390 pounds in 8 years! She loves to cook and I love to eat! Just enjoy it!

  • Sounds like she's an amazing cook!

  • I moved into my husbands house and while we're looking for our own place we're living with his mother. When he goes off to do a 2 show day, I'd come home from the office and immediately be greeted by my mother in law ready to feed me. I've only put on a few pounds but as the weeks go by I've noticed my gut getting bigger and bigger. I've been having to buy new shirts and suits every month. And my mother in law is constantly fattening me up cause I'm all skin and bone and a real man needs to be more plump

  • My wife Kelly is merciless. She was fat when we met, and then went all fitness nut. She looks amazing but once she got fit her goal seemed to change into turning me into a fat man cow. I eat, she stuffs me, I grow fatter and fatter and she laughs at my huge size and teases me which of course, turns me on to eat more. She loves my new size, and loves fattening me and it turns me on to see my sexy now trim wife walk in front of me while I lumber behind a waddling fat mess of a man. She teases me so BAD in public too which of course encourages me to get fatter. She and I are in heaven.

  • Formerly big women who get fit are amazing feeders. My wife stuffs me like she used to stuff herself and treats my growing belly like she owns it. She used to fantasize about getting huge and now she lives her fantasies by stuffing me before (and during!) s e x. Her heavy weight lifting has made her so strong she can lift my massive belly with ease and physically dominate me. She loves that I have become so helplessly fat and that she can make me as big as she wants.

  • Wow. I can totally see this happening in my future.

  • My wife has dropped almost 50 pounds this year and seems to be getting into fattening me up. In the last few weeks she's been making me eat everything she puts in front of me and calling me "butterball". I'm starting to get turned on by overeating and the attention she is paying to my ballooning belly and increasing weight.

  • Weight contrast is so sexy. As my boyfriend has fattened up, I have actually lost weight. I love weighing in with him and comparing our bodies. It’s like this cartoon.

  • I like that too, I posted above that my wife was 530lbs, she's now 539lbs and I am only 140, we both love the size contrast it's a real turn on.

  • A four hundred pound weight difference! I can easily see my wife slimming down to 140 or less, and me at 340 or even 440 the way things are going. I am not sure my wife wants me over 500 but If she wants me that fat, I have no doubt at all that she will get me there.

  • You'll get there. My wife is so used to being spoiled, eating so much, she's even heavier, she is now 567lbs.

  • My wife was also chubby when we met, but slimmed down for our wedding and has stayed slender since. In our first year of marriage, I put on some weight and when I asked her if I should lose it, she confessed that she liked me chubby and wanted me to keep gaining. She increased my portion size and in the next year I put on 80 pounds, putting me over 300. Our s** life got better and better and during s** she told me there was no limit to how fat she wanted me to get. Since then I've put on another 120 pounds and she's gotten even more fit, lifting heavy weights, and doing high intensity workouts. It's so incredible when she climbs on top, lifts my huge hanging belly and goes to work, calling me fat names and telling me how fat she is going to make me.

  • When we met we were both skinny, but after we started living together my now-wife got a job as a pastry chef and would bring her creations home. That’s when I first started gaining weight. By the time we got married I weighed 220 pounds, a 50 pound gain. My wife insisted on a cruise for our honeymoon, and during those 4 weeks she stuffed me silly. By the end, I almost rolled off the boat. I had gained 50 more pounds! By the end of our first year I was 320 pounds. My wife confessed she loved my big belly. She would feed me, rub my big belly, and then tempt me with s e x, but not before she “topped me off” with a big cake or tub of ice cream. She loved stuffing me so much she would moan and say “Eat up, I need you FATTER!” Five years later I am 485 pounds and she has hardly gained a pound.

  • My girlfriend and I are both fat and quite frankly we get off on it. She has always liked huge men, i see the guys she looks at online and I am like "Whoa, I guess I have some weight to gain huh honey?" she likes them HUGE. We have packed on tons of weight in our years together, and plan to get married next year. our goal is to be so fat having s** is almost impossible.. notice I said ALMOST. Its fun as h*** ot work up a sweat f****** as fat as we are.

  • I met my wife 6 years ago when I weighed 230 lbs. 2 years later when we got married I was 280, no big deal I thought I was content as she really is a super caring and loving woman. She kept laying down hints that she loved me fat when I complained, this really opened up feelings buried deep within me, I started getting turned on when I over ate and she started preying on my obvious weaknesses for certain foods. After we got married this really got out of hand quick after she told me during s** early on that she was going to make me a very very fat man. I couldn't believe how much that turned me on hearing that from her. I was needless to say from that moment forward

  • From that moment forward I saw my future and couldn't resist it at all.

  • Sorry I'm hitting post by accident...

    My wife has been fantastic in all of this as I am a very lucky man in how she pampers me and stuffs me every night, so much so that I now weight 435 lbs, I now have a 58 inch gut that is always hungry.

  • How big are you now? Does your still enjoy fattening you up?

  • Hello friend, it’s been awhile since I wrote that! Life is delicious! Yes my wife still stuffs me and I can’t resist it. I am helplessly fat now at 655 lbs. I am a large man now and I love it so. My wife became pregnant and she gained around 80 lbs in the process that she has not lost. After the baby was born she started a new bedtime ritual of breastfeeding me her excess milk. This plus her normal cooking and stuffing me full has added extra calories and lbs to me and is so erotic on top of fattening. I am enjoying the domestic life immensely as I work from home now and have no reason to leave the house very much. I am indeed a spoiled husband with a gorgeous fat wife who is constantly teasing me with food and her huge b******. I am so lucky

  • I fully understand. My life is also delicious :). My hubby has fattened me to a massive 745lbs and I don't want him to stop fattening me.

  • Is he still fattening you?

  • Oh Honey, I want him to keep fattening me, just to keep adding more soft sensuous fat to my already fat body.

  • Wholly cow you are fat!

  • Honey, I am indeed fat

  • Mmmm....yes yes yes. My hubby has also fattened me up & I love it. 485lbs and gaining.

  • I love to cook for my hubby and feed him until he is totally stuffed. He loves to eat and I love to indulge his appetite, which is growing along with his belly. I make sure to stuff him before s** and to rub his big belly and show how hot his growing body is. I love big big men so l can't wait until he has a 60 in gut!

  • My wife loves to eat as well & I have totally indulged her appetite, which like your husband's is growing with her belly. The fatter she gotten, the more she eats & I'm just going with it & happily watching her get fatter & fatter. She last weighed 527lbs.

  • It kind of gets me hot that my wife is this super trim sexy big boobed woman and I am waddling behind her at 400 lbs. She LOVES me this size, and married me at 300 so I cant complain. Just let her sit on top when she wants!

  • My wife has always liked very fat men, i was fat when I met her and she told me when she was done with me, I would look like an obese woman with a p****. She wasnt kidding. my man b**** are huge compared to hers, my gut hangs heavy and low, and I have an ass an hips like a female cow.

  • My wife was fat and I was average weight when we met. Then she got sick and lost a lot of weight and when she recovered she decided she wanted to stay lean and build muscle. When I put on some chub she realized it turned her on and she wanted to fatten me up. Now I'm her prized man hog.

  • I love this except I want to be a 300 pound woman and fatten my man to 300 pounds also. I weigh over 200 pounds now and once gained up to 280 pounds but have never gained to 300 pounds yet. It is still a dream I have to make happen. I love fat men. Once I had a beautiful 388 pound boyfriend. He was already that fat when I met him. Another man I had, I got him to fatten up and it was fun to see his big beautiful belly grow and grow. So this is part of my future life plans.

  • 388 pounds sounds like heaven to me!

  • I would love for someone like you to make me bigger too

  • Email me at

  • Well, I adore fat women and have finally given in to my desires to gain weight. I'm 6'2" and closing in on 280, my belly is becoming a huge round ball and all I can think about is making it bigger. The only thing missing is having a woman to fatten up with me and having her stuffing me silly until I get enormous.

  • I'd love to have this done

  • As man who is 6’2” and has recently went from 190 pounds to 270 I’d love to be fattened into a hog just email if your interested

  • Women do this all the time, as it's the only legal way to kill your husband, never go to jail, and reap all the insurance money. Make him fat, make him fatter, make him fatter than fatter. Then kill him in bed with getting him over excited. When he has the cardiac arrest go outside and have a smoke before calling the ambulance. Done, over, rich. Guys, if you're wife is telling you she think you're sexy at 500 lbs, check your insurance and think really hard about what's actually going on.

  • I have gone from 160 lbs. to almost 230 lbs. married

  • Does this really happen?

  • We all gotta go sometime. I can think of far worse ways to go.

  • I'm ready to have a hot slim gal to fatten me fatter everyday for a life insurance. Email me if your out there. Or even a ritual group looking to fatten someone to death. Hott. love to here from you

  • Still looking

  • I like how fat I have gotten for my wife. My wife says "you have to finish all this and then we will have s**" I finish it all, I grow fatter and fatter and we have s** more often.

  • I learned a long time ago if you marry a woman that likes you fat, you are going to get very very fat. I don;t mind anymore, if she wants me to be a fat waddling mess, and it makes her happy then so be it.

  • Good boy. If your wife likes you fat, you should eat and eat and eat until you are fat enough for her. I told my hubby on our honeymoon that I was going to double his weight, and after two years, we're only a few pounds away. I'm hoping to get him over 400 pounds next year, so he will have a huge belly. It makes me wet to think about how fat I'm going to make him!

  • It so turns me on to see how fat I've made my wife. 565lbs now.

  • Wow you sure sound like my wife. She always coaxes me to eat more by calling me a good boy. It really turns me on I can’t help myself at all.

  • A good wife knows how to fatten her hubby, how to turn him on and get him to eat and eat and eat until he is huge. The key is to stuff him until he can't eat another bite, then reward him with s e x. This has turned my hubby into an eating machine who doubled his weight in two years. Now he is a feedee obsessed with getting fatter for me. I love that he has gotten so big I can't get my arms around his huge belly. He is already huge, but I get wet imagining him even fatter!

  • My husband has done this to me as well & I'm immobile now & am obsessed with getting even fatter.

  • I've done exactly this with my wife. She is now obsessed with getting fatter for me & she 740lbs.

  • Oh yesss....keep fattening her. I got my wife to let herself go. When she got to just 400lbs I really started feeding her, not force feeding, but endless encouragement " Come on Darlin, you know you want to finish that" and like the lady 2 posts up, reward her with s**. I got her to the point of asking to fed and would eat huge amounts, the fatter she got, the more food it would take to satisfy her, she's a gluttonous goddess. I have no idea what she weighs now, but 3 years ago she was 560lbs & has done nothing but eat & eat & eat to the point of she barely makes it out of the bedroom to the lounge now, about 15 waddled steps. She turns me so much & to think she's just getting fatter & fatter drives me wild.

  • My wife is the same, she is 580lbs and now a total feedee, she begs me to feed her, begs me to fatten her even more, it turns me on so much, that I am fattening her more.

  • Yes, keep feeding her, get her as fat as she can get.

  • I am, we both can't stop, she just eats & eats & eats, while I can't resist her desire to eat huge amounts.

  • We've just returned from the doctors, she's now 632lbs and as soon as we got home, she's begged me to feed her.

  • Oh god yessss, keep feeding her

  • Mmmmm.....632lbs, keep feeding, get her even fatter.

  • I am, as I said we both can't stop, our lives revolve around fattening her up huge.

  • How fat is she now?

  • That's it keep feeding her, get her fatter & fatter.

  • Oh f*** this all turns me on!!! It's so good to find others fattening their partners to enormous weights. My wife has become an immobile gluttonous pig & I love it, it drives me wild that she just keeps gaining more weight, I want her as fat as she can get.

  • I couldn't agree more, fatten those piggy partners, I have taken my hubby from 200lbs to almost 600lbs.

  • What's your secret to getting your hubby huge? My husband is only 320 pounds, but I'd love to see him get over 500 lbs.

  • Like some others here, I have encouraged him to get fatter, rewarded him with s** when he's eaten a heap of food, pulled him off as he ate, keep him turned on and they will just do as you desire and loose themselves in eating or become a feedee. My hubby has become a feedee, like other partners here, that have done similar things to fatten them up, he's now an eating machine that is just getting fatter & fatter.

  • My girlfriend has been doing this to me and I've put on 100 pounds for her in a little less than a year. The combination of food and s e x has turned me into an eating machine and she has made it clear that she would love it if I put on another hundred pounds. I don't think she wants me to stop there, though. She loves to watch "My 600 pound life" with me after stuffing me silly; I think it turns her on. She is going to make me so fat...

  • I’ve been combining s** and feeding with my hubby and it is really working wonders. He can eat so much more when I keep him turned on while feeding him. He was at a plateau around 320 for six months but once we went into lockdown I’ve been feeding him non-stop and rewarding him with s** after he is totally stuffed. He weighed in at 350 yesterday and his capacity is so much bigger now, he can eat and eat and eat. I got him 65 inch pants online and
    I feel confident that they will be snug by fall. I love to ride his huge belly.

  • Can you give us an update? How much does he weigh now!? How big around is his waist? Has the 65in pants gotten snug yet!?

  • That's it honey. Like I said s** and food and they will just get fatter and fatter. I even tell him him I want him fatter as I feed and pleasure him and he even says "Yes make me fatter", he's now 647lbs.

  • Was your husband a feedee when you met or did you convert him? Did you knew you wanted him huge from the start? Would love to hear your story.

  • No he wasn't a feedee, I've converted him into one though. I can't explain it exactly but huge men turn me on so much as do huge women for some men. I'm a good cook and he loved my cooking, so I just just kept cooking for him and loved watching him get bigger and bigger. The fatter he got the fatter I wanted him, he just drives me wild seeing how fat he is and how much fatter he can get. So with combining s** with food and me telling him I want him fatter he just totally gave in and became my feedee. He's just getting fatter and fatter and I want him get get even fatter.

  • I am the same. I can't explain why I am so turned on by my wife being fattened up to 565lbs. But I want her even fatter. She is so content and happy even being the weight she is and it hasn't stopped her from continuing to eat and eat and eat. It turns me incredibly watching her stuff herself and how much food she can pack away in a sitting, drives me wild knowing all that is juast adding more sensuous fat to her. I too have combined food and s** and she gets so turned on by it, madly stuffing herself as I make love to her and can c** 2 or 3 times, saying it is feeling all her fat wobble and jiggle as I do her and her stuffing herself knowing she's going to get even fatter.

  • How big are you gonna get him?

  • I don't know, I just get so wet thinking about how fat he is and how much fatter can I get him.

  • Hubby has put on 30+ pounds in lock down so far. His appetite is massive and he has become a total couch potato. Unless he makes a big effort to change his habits back (which I don't see happening), he's going to continue gaining. He weighed in at 353 yesterday so he only needs to put on 8 pounds a month to hit 400 by late fall. That should be easy since he put on 12 pounds just last month. And if he doesn't make his goal there's always the holidays. Mmmm.... I can hardly wait until he can't button his new pants!!

  • Just how massive do you plan on fattening him!?

  • Keep us updated! What size pants is your hubby wearing now?

  • He's still wearing the 60 inch pants, but at the rate he's gaining (at least 10 pounds a month), they should be too tight to button by mid-July. By next summer, he should be 450+ and I can see him hitting 500 by New Year's Day 2022. He'll be so fat and sexy at that weight!

  • That's the girl, fatten him up. They are so sexy when they get hugely fat.

  • The fatter I get, the hornier my girlfriend seems to get. She can't keep her hands off my belly and she's always refilling my plate or putting out snacks for me. Her libido is insane. Last weekend we had s e x four times on Saturday, and three times on Sunday. She has still has the body of a gymnast (she competed in college) so her stamina is amazing. But I can't even climb a flight of stairs without wheezing now so she has to do most of the work.

  • That's it get even fatter for her and drive her wild, she wants you huge.

  • Oh yes, those mile stones during their weight gain turn me so much, it just means they are getting even fatter.

  • How did you and your husband meet? I'm an aspiring feedee looking for a l9vely wife to fatten and indulge me

  • The day i met my girlfriend i was atleast 147 pounds. It's been 3 years and now im 498 pounds.Every day i gain 5 pounds and every week i gain a solid 30 pounds each week. I literally cant get up from bed. Im getting scared that soon i wont be able to walk. If i tell her no she'll brakeup with me and i dont want that to happen. Recently she handcuffed me to the bed, stuffed a tube in my mouth and at the end of tube she poured a gallon of heavy cream and whip cream. I noticed my HUGE belly rising and rising. After it ended i went 498 to 539 pounds of pure fat. She wants me not to shave for i could look a fat bear to her. And now not only i cant get up from my bed but i started to waddle.

  • Sounds perfect to me

  • I wish that was me

  • The fatter you get...the fatter you WILL get. Lay back and enjoy the ride.

  • I love to pack the fat on my husband. He has zero will power, and I like big big guys. He is my fatty flabby blubber boy and is helpless to say no to anything I cook. I tease the h*** out of him, but he knows deep down I love his fat and plan on getting him fatter and keeping him fat.

  • When I met my hubby he was a skinny twig. I had to fatten him up just so his bony hips wouldn’t bruise me during s**. After I got a belly on him, s** got so much better I wanted to grow him bigger. It has taken me years to get his gut so big and fat. I am obsessed with rubbing it and packing more fat on him. He is 440 pounds now but can never get too fat for me.

  • "He is 440 pounds now but can never get too fat for me."
    I posted above that I've fattened my wife who 3 years ago was 560lbs & like you love running my hands over her fat belly & packing more fat on her. Like you, she could never get too fat for me.

  • I love creating a safe space for my hubby to indulge, keeping all his favorites close at hand. When he complains about how fat he is getting I rub his belly and show him how attractive he is to me. He knows he is loved and that he never has to worry about getting too fat. Seeing his belly get bigger and bigger is such a turn on. The fatter he gets, the more proud I am that he has turned his body over to me. I love that he has such huge appetites for food and s e x and that he trusts me to fully satisfy him. To me his growing weight is proof of how well I am taking care of him. He knows that what we have is special and anyone looking at him can tell that his wife is keeping him very well fed.

  • That sounds so much like my girlfriend. She loves to spoil me and is very affectionate and "handsy". All I have to do to get her started up is let my belly peak out from under my shirt or loosen my pants and let it out while rubbing it. It's like she can tell when my belly is accessible, even when she is in the next room and when she sees me rubbing my belly she smerks and says "Hey, that's my job" and I know it won't be long until she's riding her pet hog again and telling me to oink for her.

  • I feel exactly the same about my now 565lb wife. She yo-yo dieted for years & when our kids left home she started to gain weight, I loved it. Then one day she asked if I liked her bigger & I said yes. She started to gain more & I spoiled her, made sure her favorite snacks are on hand, asking if she wants seconds etc... Like you I show her how attractive she is & combine food & s**. I too have been so turned on seeing her belly getting bigger & bigger, her whole body filling out, watching her waddle around the house, Jiggling & wobbling, carrying all that weight. And again like you it's proof to me how well I have looked after her, she loves me spoiling her & hasn't asked for over 12 months if she is too fat.

  • Are you going to fatten her more?

  • Yes.

  • Good, keep fattening her. I've fattened mu hubby up to 647lbs.

  • I am tiny and love to mount a man with a big belly in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. That big belly rubs my c l i t just right. S e x with a big bellied man is so much better I can't date skinny men. I have fattened my current boyfriend from 170 to 270 pounds and now that his belly is nice and big the o r g a s m s are incredible! I am only 110 pounds, so the contrast is a big turn on as well. I fantasize about getting my boyfriend over 330 so he will be three times my weight!

  • My girlfriend also loves riding me and has a thing about me being three times her weight. Won't be long before I'm four or even five times heavier than her, the way she stuffs me.

  • When I met my (now) wife I was around 140 pounds with a 28 inch waist and 6' tall. She's Asian, 5' and very slender (95 pounds), but loves to cook. When we got engaged, she asked me to put on 30 pounds for the wedding. "Need padding" she would say, patting my bony hips and flat belly. She even had my tuxedo made in size 34 as to accommodate her plans for me. Every meal she would insist I have seconds, then after a few months, thirds, and then dessert, which got bigger and bigger. A month before the wedding, I had to have the tuxedo taken out I had gained so much weight. On our wedding day I was 180 pounds! By then I had a pot belly and on our two week honeymoon she couldn't keep her hands off my (tiny) belly, ordering much more food than usual, insisting I eat everything and then rubbing my belly and saying "Eat! Eat! I want a chubby hubby!". By the time we got back, I had put on another 20 pounds, and she has been feeding me like a demon since. I weighed in at 239 yesterday. I can't believe how big my belly is - I'm now wearing size 44 pants! If she keeps this up, I'll be HUGE in no time!

  • Make sure you treat her right! Reminds me of a friend who married a sweet Korean American woman who was an obvious feeder. She kept him on a constant supply of baked goods. She would smile proudly with her hand on his growing gut in her frequent FB posts.

    When we'd visit, she'd do EVERYTHING for him. He would just sit back and watch the game while she cooked, served everyone, did dishes, cleaned up, and kept bringing snacks.

    But he started turning into a real a - hole. Yelling at her if the carpet wasn't vacuumed right, telling her who she could and could not have as friends, micromanaging her day like he was punching buttons on the remote.

    She stayed with him for many years, but finally left after enough counseling from friends. I saw him a few months ago, at least 300 lbs, gut spilling in every direction around his trousers, fat and bald by himself.

    She's with some new guy who treats her like she hung the moon, based on her FB posts. Naturally, he's been sporting a rounder face and an even rounder gut lately. Hopefully he'll know better to appreciate what he has!

  • How much do you weigh now?

  • I weighed in at 273 last week. Can't believe I've almost doubled my weight since I met my (now) wife. She stuffs me every night and rubs my packed belly so at this rate I'll be well over 300 pounds by the end of the year. She came home from the mall with 50 inch pants last week, patted my belly and said "Room to grow!" so no doubt she has big plans for me.

  • Trust me - you've married a feeder and she's going to make you fatter than you ever imagined you could get. My wife is also Asian and barely 100 pounds, and she is really into weight contrast and feeding me. When we first met I was around 250 and I could tell she was an FA by how she couldn't keep her hands off my belly. Now that I'm pushing 390 she stuffs me every night and regularly weighs and measures me. She is so obsessed with my belly she doesn't let me wear a shirt around the house so she can get access to it at all times. She is super flexible and tiny so she is a real 'acrobat' in the bedroom. Wouldn't surprise me if she fattens me up over 600 pounds one day but I have no regrets.

  • Keep us posted.

  • My wife is blowing me up like a balloon and I feel helpless to stop it. I weighed in at 304 today. Those 50 inch pants are now tight, and my wife has replaced them with a 54 inch version. I've been trying to exercise to hold the line on my weight, but it's hard for me to handle 30 minutes in the gym at this point. My wife makes a big breakfast and then stuffs me silly at dinner so I must be putting away 3500 calories a day, easy. Tonite, she fed me until I could barely breathe, then had me take off my shirt and pants. "You getting rolly polly!" she said, patting my upper belly, then putting her finger in my belly button. I started to moan and got so hard her hands moved lower... At this point, I'm her helpless fatty, getting bigger and bigger.

  • Any updates?

  • I got the flu, so haven't been able to eat much lately and am down to 298. I talked to my wife about exercising more and we've been going out for a walk in the evenings. I can barely do a quarter mile before I'm a sweaty mess, but this is my first month without gaining weight since I met my wife.

  • Hope you get over that flu soon and keep packing on the pounds for your wife man. Bet you'll fatten up even faster

  • Hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you meet your wife? Your progress sounds amazing, I'd love a wife like yours some day that is so diligent in fattening me up.

  • We met at a church pot luck. She brought several big pans and a kettle of pho she made herself. It was all so good, I went back for seconds and thirds and she came over and introduced herself. I was stick thin then, and months later after we had gotten to know each other better, she told me that she was intrigued that someone so skinny could eat so much.

  • I am married to a woman like this, I knew she liked bigger guys when we got married 4 years ago as I was one, but once we lived together both of us packed on the lbs.

    Now she is plump and I am well into the 400 lbs range. Its ok, she likes it, s** is actually a lot of fun at this size and its even more fun.

    She recently told me that her new goal is to grow herself as fat as I am. I cant wait, I have always had a thing for obese women anyway. Nothing wrong with some fat sloppy s**!

  • Something I noticed as I get fatter for my wife, my p**** is getting HEAVY, no not bigger, harder or longer but man is it heavy, I cant see it anymore without lifting up my huge belly she packed on me, but when I reach over there and feel it, it feels like it weighs like 40 lbs, and my b**** are huge too. She has even noticed it, she likes it, and says she will keep fattening me till I cant reach it anymore so SHE is the only one who can play with it.

  • I noticed that on my husband, his p**** gets heavier and heavier the fatter I grow him. Watching him try to reach that fat p**** of his when I dance for him and get it hard, gets me so wet.

  • My husbands p**** got incredibly heavy when he got very fat, which is good because you can only see it peeking out under his huge gut when I get him hard. He looks so cute all fat and bulging his huge belly hanging down and all that is sticking out is his fat hard d***, holding up that huge belly of his and all that fat sagging down on each side of his p****.

  • I don't believe any of what is being said in these comments. It's one thing to get to ~300-400 if your wife has the feeder type of sexuality, but unless you have it as well then I doubt that 800+ pounds is realistic. Wouldn't you think that a reasonable man would notice health deprecation and at least stop to talk to his girlfriend about the state of things?

    Speaking of which, if this post is real then TALK to her. Let her know that you are feeling apprehensive and let her know why. Relationships are all about communication and cooperation. I'm sure you will work something out. Besides, weight is not a permanent thing if you know how to work out.

  • My wife has packed the pounds on me as well. She is large too since we got married. she is now about 190 but me? Damn 450 easily. I get so fat so easy. She now has a gut, me? my fat gut drags on the floor when I get down on all fours. Worst part about it is, now that i am fat I want to get fatter and fatter, its like an obsession and she really likes it.

  • Heed the need to feed!

  • I love to cook for my husband. For me it shows love and nurturing, so it makes me happy. From what I've read after marriage weight gain is very common.

  • Hello I am his wife.
    He now weighs 1096lbs.
    My personal fat pig.

  • Are you still fattening him?

  • I'm a feedee & had my husband fatten me up, the fatter I got the fatter I wanted to get, I'm now 722lbs, but would love to weigh over a 1000lbs. I just so love being such a sexy fattened woman.

  • Question is, do you have a sister?

  • I do.

  • Well done! Make sure to turn him daily to avoid lymphodema and skin ulcers. He should be on a quad-rated mattress to allow for longterm immobility, with multiple cranes in place to help lift his belly and legs to get under them. You'll want to have a tarp underneath him for easier lifting and spongebaths; drying of the skin via fans as well as prompt lotioning will be critical to avoiding skin infections and issues with fungi. Additionally you'll want a port in the vena cava, respirator w/oxygen feed to force his lungs to fill properly, catheter to avoid urine burn, and placement over a specialty-shop bedpan. Ultrasound his stomach to know when it's properly full so you can keep it optimally full at all times; gravity-powered feeding tubes are typically enough if you regulate them to drip at the same rate he digests. Better to fit through the nose for longterm placement; less chance of gagging or fighting it. And he still might be able to talk if the respirator is set to allow it. Beyond that, keep a low-sugar diet to avoid diabetic concerns, think about replacing the saturated fats of his diet with vegetable-oriented fats and carbs for the sake of his heart, and make sure he's got a tongue-depress-operated water tube to keep his mouth and throat wet. Fewer issues with cavities and the kidneys are in better health. Soda is alright now and then, but nothing with that artificial caramel coloring; it can kill weakened kidneys outright. Expect him to fall asleep every few hours and ultimately be conscious six hours a day, if that much. He'll perspire more easily, be constantly out of breath, in danger of low blood oxygen, and rarely be clear mentally due to the blood pooling nearer to his gut for the sake of constant digestion.

    That's about the best you can do for keeping your toy alive and comfy as long as possible. The chest port will allow deployment of medications immediately, so the inability to find a vein through the adipose of his limbs won't get in the way.

  • Amazing post! My husband will have to have this done to him I mainly feed him slop filled with lard so as a result his body fat is like water on him the crane tarp is a good idea which I need to do before he gets larger and over hangs the bed.

    (I'm getting a smaller reinforced bed so when he's large enough his body sags off the sides of the bed)

  • This is a great post and thank you for putting it out there. There are lots of wanna be feeder/enablers out there who fantasize about fattening their partners, but don't have the vaguest idea of what's involved.
    The true DOM feeder takes it in stride and plans for all contingencies.
    I'm a 500 lb plus gainer and I usually encourage them to watch FEED for an idea of what goes into caring for a true sub feedee.
    As I approach true immobility I am going to show them your post.
    I'm grateful to you.

  • You're done! Stop what you're doing! Stop.... before you end up dying. Obesity is a serious problem. Join a gym and work it off before it gets worse.

  • Just a update, I am bedridden now, immobility came fast after my last post.

    I just look like a pile of jelly in me and my wifes reinforced bed, my fat spills around me, wobbling at the smallest movement , I'm constantly sweating and out of breath now, she climbs into bed to wash my fat, this will be my last message before she removes my Internet, I'm just a pile of fat now who lives to be fed in bed by my sexy wife

  • Oh the feeling of being an obese pig, belly wiggling with every move, ass so fat legs so wide you waddle while your wife walks behind you and calls you fat names, p**** so rock hard under all your blubber she has to j*** you because with your fat belly hang, thick roll of blubber under that, and swollen fattened pig arms there is no way you could reach. Sometimes she sits there and watches you jiggle yourself into o***** by shaking your bloated belly over your p**** because you are so frustrated that you cant reach it, that you have to blow off the erection some how. I can hardly walk 10 steps now without her having to help me. I am her swollen fattened pig, and I am down on all fours with my belly fat hanging down.

  • Wow that turns me on, I am a bbw that loves fat men, Want to hook up?

  • I wanna get fat let's hook up ????

  • I desire to be fed to massive obesity!
    That was hard to admit; but so true. I desire to know total gluttony and grow and struggle to get around.....
    Is that something that interes you?

  • I was thing when I married my obese wife. I do so love obese women, but she got jealous and made me gain weight. Now we are both massively obese and only getting fatter. Its a lot of fun being a fat pig with my fat wife. Everyone bashes fat people but if you LIKE being fat and have someone who keeps fattening you up, its fun!

    Not to be too gross, but the coolest part of being a fat man is my belly constantly hangs over my p****, which in turn means my fat keeps pushing down on it keeping it hard almost all the time

  • Yeah I have packed on the pounds since being married and my wife discovered that she liked it. She is also getting fatter and I already knew I liked big women so this is pretty cool for us.

    I know people cry and scream about Obesity, but I see it in our future. Just a big fat couple happily banging the heck out of each other

  • i wish my wife would do that.
    not a big of course (no offense).
    feed me and get total enjoyment about how big i get.

  • My wife got from 134 to 836 and all I get to do eat and play with my fat

  • That would be awesome.

  • Fatten HER up. She may start to find out how
    you feel and she may stop.

  • How long have you been married?

  • I had the same issue with my now ex wife, but with her it seemed to be part insecurity, part fetish.
    Anytime I lost weight, the meals got bigger. Anytime she was pregnant, the meals got a lot bigger... essentially, I got bigger!
    I went from 195 when we met to a peak of 335; my lightest while with her was 225.

  • Is your ex single now? I'd love to be fattened up

  • I thought I was the only one who was doing this. My wife was cheerleader in high school and probably weighed about 125 lbs then, but I have been fattening her up since we've been together, overfeeding her and putting extra butter and olive oil in her food and making her smoothies with ice cream and weight gain powder. She now weighs well over 300 pounds. I can't wait to take her to her 10th reunion next year so her friends can see what a fat piggy she's become!

  • Adding butter and olive oil to her food really make her that Fat?

  • Well its too late now for me, Just an update. I am up to 340 and she likes to call me fat names, while I waddle my bloated bulk around. She makes me walk around naked when I am home and feels my fat jiggle around in her hands. My moobs are bigger than her b****, and she is even more turned on by my fatness. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy being her little (Well now quite fat) toy, and the s** is amazing.. but she wants to get me even fatter than I am now. He comes immobility for my sexy slim wife

  • You're finished. Even if you wanted to leave her you can't even walk now. Reminds me of that Stephen King book Misery. You can always call a tow truck.

  • Which is her plan because you're probably HER financial plan and wants to make sure you never leave. And for the record, she doesn't have a gun to your head- you DON'T have to eat everything she puts in front of you. Join a gym.

  • Anyone who wants to help me fatten up my hubby for me
    into a big fatter pig im at

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