i need a black women to humilate me

i live in chicago and need a black women to curse me out, slap me,, make me her b**** or slave and make me crawl across he floor to her,and have her way with me,... do me my queen,...



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  • Black women are so disgusting that even black guys don't want to do them.

    The definition of disgusting would be waking up next to Moochelle Obama!

  • Go cuddle a hand grenade, MAGAT

  • I've picked up some hot, black women, as I have thing for slender, sxy black women with long nails, and, have gotten this treatment more than once. Not slave-like, but definitely the verbal abuse, demands, nails into me until draw blood, and feeling that I was the one being used, not them.

    Had one, a medical assistant, tell me she was looking for a sugar daddy, and made me tell her I'd be that by squeezing my b**** until I was nearly on the floor in pain.. Hurt like h***, but, the very idea she was doing it kind of revved me up for sx..

    Another one kept me from going to my own bathroom, blocking the door and saying it was hers now.

  • I'd pay for that

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