I cringe when I hear "we dream or beautiful nightmare" beyonce

The song is insulting to other women STOP PUTTING OTHER WOMEN DOWN BEYONCE YOU B**** !!! I TAKE THE SONG PERSONALLY AND IT OFFENDS YOU BIG BLACK B****! and she is not that sweet or beautiful or hot herself that people would want to wake up next to, she is a b****. putting aside her black ego or that she is wealthy or whatever, I don't think she has the right to put other women down! heaps of people wouldn't want to wake up to her either. I hate the song. I don't want to hear it. she thinks she is so sweet and coy and bitchy star rich! but the songs suck. I don't women who put other women down for no reason.

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  • Butbutbut she Queen Bey! And she black! Celebrities that dumb kids worship and black people are never wrong about anything! So you're just jealous and bitter and racist! Oops, forgot the passive aggressive smiley face-- :)

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