i kinda hate myself. my sister hates

i kinda hate myself.
my sister hates me too. and thinks shes better than me.
which she is.
i didn't get into the college i wanted to.
my friends like my sister better than me.

i hate everything about myself. there is not one quality that i like. nothing whatso ever.

everyone would really be better off without me. no one to cuase problems or spend my parents money when my car brakes every week or just be a hassel and ruin all my friendships.

every heard that line in that Less Than Jake song...."I'm my own worset emamy?"

"I could give you lessons
How to ruin your friendships"

yeah thats probably me.

i hate this world how no one really cares about eachother. how eveyone talks about eachother when they're not around and how no one actually loves eachotehr.

love does not exist.
it is not real.

and im sure i'll get responces to this that are either "its not worth it" or "love is a beautiful thing" or "Just kill yourself and get it over with"

i honestly don't care anymore.

i'll prob kill myself by the end of the schoo year.


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  • SPELLCHECK===cause...breaks...hassle...ever...worst...enemy...everyone...responses...school

  • i betcha wont do it, kay

  • Don't listen to that person. My brother did it. You will not only end your life here, you will have to come back and do it again. I firmly believe that when we are born we are born with a contract to God and we must finish it. Live. Get some help. Call someone. Your family would be devistated.

  • yeah just like the rest of us

  • your a loser...why are you a loser?
    1. the fact that you already considered the types of responses to your confession dictates you will indeed read the responses.
    Thus you are looking for responses (attention).

    2. The very fact that you want attention indicates a lack of wanting to kill yourself.

    3. i honestly just don't care anymore should translate to "I have cared before but right now I don't want to" people who care don't kill themselves.

    4.the use of the words probably kill yourself should read, "never going to do it."

    lastly I should point out i doubt you have the mental resolve to actually kill yourself a lot of people think suicide is a cowards way out. However a person who actually kills themself is the strongest person mentally. They have the ability to remove the fear of death impulse all humans have built in (rule of self preservation). I truely doubt you are even cool enough and strong enough to complete the task.....let's just face it your a loser who has to live.

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