Gay affair with sons teacher

My sons physics teacher and I have been in a gay affair for the last 2 months. My son was spending the weekend with his grandfather and his teacher called about some assignments not being turned in. I found the questioned work and said I could drop it off but he was in the neighbourhood and stopped by. We had some drinks and starts making out. I feel bad because my son just came too grips with having a gay dad and now his teacher and I are f******.

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  • This is one of the hottest and sexiest things EVER!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!

  • U.R. H***.

  • Your son is going to have adjust to you dating someone else at some point. But it may be best for you to tell him that you and the teacher are dating, instead of him finding out from someone else.

  • Ask your son what he thinks about his teacher, If he likes him then tell him then that's a good sign, then ask him what he would think if you start dating his teacher.

  • I don't see what the big deal is. If your son knows you are gay, then he knows you have relationships with men. So what if the man happens to be a teacher of his ?

  • ou arre an a******, gay people shudnt hav kids

  • 1st learn how to spell.
    2nd there is nothing wrong with homosexuals having kids.Nothing at all! I COMPLETLY SUPPORT GAYS HAVING KIDS & GETTING MARRIED!!!!!

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