Just a hook up?

First of all im 17, female and a virgin. I had to confess this online as i feel i cant tell my friends about this because i am truely ashamed about how i have been used - and i know there may be some comments calling me a s*** but they are going to help me now so if u are gunna call me a s*** dont bother.

About 3 months ago i finally confessed to the guy i liked that i had feelings for him and then he replied by telling me he had feelings for me. Then he convinced me to have phone s** with him. Then a week later after we had had phone s** a couple more times he confesses to me that he likes another girl. I was ok with i but then he chooses another girl and another girl over me while still saying he likes me but does not want to destroy our friendship by having a relationship with me. About a month ago he fell for another girl and i that point i stopped taking his calls because all he would do was say how the was so beautiful and perfect.

2 days ago he called me again saying how he really did like me and how the other girl rejected him and we had phone s** again.

I believe i am just not good enough for him as he likes beuatiful girls and i just cant live up to that. I dont know how to explain to him how i feel about it because he is my friend and i dont want to hurt his feelings and (as pathetic as it is) i like someone paying attention to me.

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  • Honey, I'm a virgin too, so I know what it feels like. But this phone call business needs to stop. He likes you, but goes for a different girl? Are you kidding me? Define yourself and your values. Is this "friend" a true friend if he keeps hurting you? Is he worth the pain? You my friend, are golden. You don't need to pull yourself down to anyone else's level or idea of you.
    And, for the record, every girl is pretty. I have short hair, a lot of acne, and I'm getting kind of chubby, but I'm beautiful because I hold myself with dignity and I stay at my level. You're beautiful, and this guy is just taking your friendship for granted.

  • Okay, so he likes you. That doesnt mean everything is black and white. So he likes you, but should that mean head over heels? Liking someone can just be affection, attachments, enjoying each others company. He could be grasping for anything after being rejected. You are a rebound girlfriend, if you let this continue.

    He may not be romantically prepared to commit to you. Are you sure you are prepared to commit yourself? Maybe this isn't THE guy for you, but enjoy it if you want to save yourself some heartache.

  • Lose this j***! You sound like a caring person for worrying about he feels, but u have to remember that he does not care about yours. He is playing games with you. Lose this immature j*** & remember there are (literally) millions of other guys out there to choose from, and one of them will give you attention, and actually care about you too. Hang in there.

  • charge him by the minute. what he's doing is cruel and you are stupid for allowing it in the first place. he sounds like a j*** with low self esteem. he gets off on making you feel worthless.

  • It is pathetic. Tell him how you feel. If he is a friend and/or in love with you at some level, then he will stop treating you like a cybersex service. If he stops calling you, then he wasn't a nice guy anyway, so to h*** with him.

    Either way, YOU should do something NOW.

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