Truly Sad Confession.

I've been around confessionpost for a while and I've seen some truly sad attention whores, but the prize goes to Future Jake.

People we have to give him some attention, I mean no one notices him, and now the stupid 'Jake wrote this' s*** starts popping up? Has to be our little attention w****. Nothing more sad than an attention w**** who trolls himself for attention.

So now I'll tell you what, lets use this post to make some comments for our favorite w**** Jake, he needs it, poor little guy writing comments all day and getting no attention, well lets give him a comment, it can be friendly or rude, take your choice, but really, ladies and gentlemen, with the number of comments he makes on here this is obviously the highlight of his life, won't you donate a comment today?

Thank you.

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  • I'm just saying maybe once or twice I saw a REAL response from Jake.

    And Zombie was awesome! I just had to impersonate Zombie twice. The potential wasn't used to its fullest. Oh well.

    The others you've mentioned. Yes. Total waste of bandwidth. Some of them either came from or went back to Keyfess. Bring back Site Shrink! I would either post first and his followups were close to mine, and vice-versa. Site Shrink gave good advice.

    Not trolling here, just talking. Conversations can change back and forth as points are discussed. I agree that Jack, Rack, L, and some others just didn't need to comment.

  • Future Jake had something creative to say? Did you read his s***? Go back and read B&C or Rack the Jipper, or Superhippie, or Zombie, I'm sure you thought they were literary masterpieces as well.
    Troll if you're gonna troll, I really don't care, but you have to be one pathetic person to troll yourself to try to get attention, not to mention writing farewell s*** just to pop up again later, which I'm sure he will.

  • Yea.. his comments degenerated to basic crude insults. Nothing creative. It turned into -I know you are, but what am I- type of insults.

    Totally useless on the internet. As someone posted earlier, using profanity and racial comments have no impact. Its all empty chatter. Might as well swap words with the word -kitten-.

    Some thoughtful comments is what we need on this site. That is, if the confessions even need comments.

  • Yeah, at least Future Jake had something creative to say, unlike the other trolls that frequent this site.

  • Umm... I thought it was creative. A cliche idea, but creative.

  • ^Jake wrote this.

  • He's gone I think, if you read that confession above this one. Poor guy, you have to be a sad f*** to troll yourself for attention, if he did.

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