Do you believe in ghosts?

I've never seen a ghost but here in town there is a large two story wooden house that is supposed to be haunted. It was once a w**** house and then a funeral home. WOrkers working in the basement have found human remains and like I said this now emply house has a reputation for being haunted.

It opened up as a restaurant and for many years the workers there reported dishes being broken and scatter on the floor after the building had been tightly locked and no signs of entry.

One day a waitress went into the closed bar room and there she says she saw a ghost. It was a mn standing in front of her. She screamed b***** murder and before the other workers could get to her the man was gone.

CHildren sometimes see men walking into the walls and overall the house is spooky.

I've personally searched every room, closet, nook and cranny and saw nothing out of the ordinary but overall I was edgy and nervous the whole time I was there.

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  • No, because I have read "The Skeptic's Dictionary" by Robert Todd Carroll - It is a most informative book.

  • Maybe the Urban Legend is just a Legend?

  • At the time it happened I was only 14 years old

  • You ever have dreams about a ghost taking you actually raping you for you couldn't fight them off of you and when you awoke there would be their c** all over your belly and your v***** would be sore from them. A old stage coach stop at Cain Springs, Nevada when our family stayed there for three nights I was raped by ghosts every night.

  • I'm the OP and after a fashion it is a confession that I believe in the possibility of the existence of ghosts. Its a stry and a confession.

  • I had a really bad ghost problem i was about ready to move out but then I called the ghostbusers and ive been ghost free since lol, but in all seriousness stay away from haunted places the energy can attach to you and youll bring that negative energy home with you then your screwed.

  • Um.. I don't see this as a confession. I feel like we're telling ghost stories at a sleepover. No offence. Sorry.

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