good news

Seven pounds in four days, and I don't even have to starve myself. Yes!!! Closer and closer I get to the 103 area, but then today I read that getting my BMI that low could give me "system failure" and I hope to God that doesn't happen. But regardless, I'm getting there. So say hello to your friendly neighborhood Extreme Dieter, but lets just call me Ana for now.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • This obviously wasn't a troll. This has no "shock value", therefore there's no point.

  • Google the phrase "attention wh0re". Unless the concept of social media and what such losers get from it eludes you. In which case, don't waste your time and go back to eating crayons.

  • Trolls, attention wh0res, drama queens-- all think they are special and all are wrong

  • TROLLS??
    Go back to KEYFESS, lame.

  • if I get my hands on you, I'll fill you wih 10 pounds of c**!

  • If you cut your head off thats an extra ten pounds, maybe five in your case.

    What, you want to hear "Oh please please please don't do it!"

    You obviously know whats going on so anything that happens is your fault.

    You trolls are getting lamer as time goes on.

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