losing it

i think i'm losing my mind, i keep hallucinating and seeing things and people that aren't there, but i'm too afraid to tell my psychiatrist. oh well!

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  • I wish you well. But i'm intrigued. What kind of things do you see and are the people randoms or people you knew?

  • Oh well

  • ^ I knew it was coming! heh

    But, if you were in therapy, but have been hiding this from the doc, is it so clear to you that both of these issues are not related? Think the doc should know that so he/she may change the aim of the discussions?

    I've already resigned myself that my meds are for life. I just have to make sure I have insurance for life. $142 a month is very little some, but is a considerable amount to be paying forever.

  • i understand. he'll likely medicate you. hospitalization is highly improbable. i understood your "oh well" as soon as i saw it and i also understand your fear. you'll likely be medicated and remedicated until something works for you. the sooner you start, the better. one thing to remember, it's your number 1 rule:

    Never say "I'm all better now!" and go off your meds.

    If you can remember that 1 thing, your stabilization will happen that much sooner. I was all better now about a dozen times before i accepted that the meds would be lifelong. Also, don't share with anyone not close to you. People do not understand what you go through. Ignore all politically correct material that indicates people are in any way accepting of your predicament. Rule 2:

    Need to know basis. No exceptions.

    Good luck

  • i love how most of you are so hung up on the "oh well!" aspect of the confession.
    i am bipolar and i really am afraid to tell my psychiatrist because first off and i'm not comfortable telling him and secondly because i'm scared of the way he might react, so right now i'm just dealing with this.

  • "You are already seeing a psychiatrist, then only now thinking that you are losing touch with reality?"
    People go for all sorts of reasons: I was REALLY molested and severely abused as a child.
    most people who see psychiatrists don't hallucinate or have delusions. depressed people generally don't, all schizophrenics do, some bipolars and unipolars do.

  • definitely not "oh well" territory. psychiatrists are not new to this and will get you properly medicated. hallucinations are serious business, absolutely terrifying for some. poor trolling material.

  • You are already seeing a psychiatrist, then only now thinking that you are losing touch with reality?

    Since you are so blase about it, just enjoy the hallucinations and keep it to yourself pal. But be in control of your actions and take responsibility. You cannot deny things you do as you have voluntarily and actively avoided treatment.

  • Moron. I actually HAVE hallucinated as a child. You don't just put 'oh well' on there, troll.

  • Please, tell your psychiatrist! I lost a friend to schizophrenia. You can get help if you take the steps to do so now.

  • See when you put "oh well" on it, we know you're trolling.

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