I slept with a 20 year old when I was

I slept with a 20 year old when I was 15 I didnt mean to or want to but it happend, no one knows. Everyone thinks I'm an innocent virgin, who has never been kissed. I get blazed or wasted on a continual basis and every one thinks I'm just sick in the morning. I aslo smoke ciggerates. I like people to think I'm naive and innocent, it makes me feel better about the mistakes of made.

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  • So you are fake???

  • tell me what happens when people find out the real you lol

  • Ummmmm.....heres a tip: Never breed

  • ... good for you im the same why only few know that i geet wasted and blazed and f***** my boyfriend and his bestfriend on the same night..haha makes me feel the same

  • does it really ? then why are you here confessing ?

  • so your a w**** in hiding?

  • i dont hate ppl like u, im jealous of ppl like u. i wish nobody thought anything of me.

  • I hate people like you.

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