Right now at this very second mom I have given up on you. My heart has been torn apart and shredded into pieces. Despite what you think, you are crazy. I want nothing more than to have a healthy relationship with you. The kind where I can tell you anything, confide my deepest secrets, and know that unconditionally you love me for who I am. I try my hardest to make you proud. Honor roll, extracurriculars, a job. I am the daughter my sister will never be. I have forgiven you for what you did in you did in the past and I praise you everyday for what you have acheived in your struggles. You are the only parent I have now and you are slowly dying to me. I love you more than anything or anyone on this entire earth and I would lay down and die for you. But the years of trying and BEGGING for a relationship from you have truly broken me down. So today, after all the events that have occurred, you have lost me. It's not my choice. I gave you the chance to try or at least work with me and you didn't. Add this to your pile of regrets.

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  • it is sad when you don't have a good rolemodel for a parent. it seems as tho you have learned young. benifit from this, move on and learn. dont feel bad, it's not your fault. you will be a better person for it in the end.

  • Your mom is a coke w**** who f**** n******. When she can't find a n***** eat her hairy c***.

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