stop being so selfish!

it really infuriates me when you say " i feel like you arent trying to be a part of my family." wanna know why? i moved two hours away from my whole life to be with you, we litterally live on the same road as your entire family...we see them every night. on top of that....i work for your family's business. i get to spend 9 hours a day with your mom, dad, brother, cousin, 3 aunts, one uncle and your grandma. EVERY DAY. so when i come home, sometimes i just wanna relax and hang out with you....with out your entire family attached. i dont always want to go to dinner with your parents...and yea it p***** me off when you invited them to our once every three month date night. you force it on me...i love them i really do...i couldnt ask for a better family in law. buttt. they arent my only family....i have my own..and i love them, and miss them alot. i havent seen my brother and sister,,,,,who i might add are my best freinds.... in two months....TWO MONTHS? its gonna kill you if i skip doing f****** nothing with your mom and going to see my family. or my friends...or sit at home with you...ever? whats just hanging out alone gonna hurt? it isnt going to hurt anything.....i mean why the h*** dont we just move in with them....then you can be with them 24/ glad you love your family...i really am...i feel like you always think your family has priority....they have money, sure...their nice..their what your used to...i get it...but marriage is a give and take thing. i always do what you want...i am with your family so much i dont have time to have anything outside of them.

i want some distance. i want you to grow up...i want you to stop relying on your mom so much...i am your wife....rely on me. great, you love your mom....but does she have to dictate your life? OUR life? no..and she doesnt even want to....everyone is totally normal and thinks the same way i do....they realize i didnt marry them...and they respect it...

and in case your wondering. I'M NEVER GOING TO BE AS GOOD AS YOUR MOM. ever. point blank. she is god in your eyes. nothing i do will ever compare..and i know that..she's a super woman. and i believe it...but it would make so much difference if you'd appreciate the things I do too. dont just critisize me because its not as good as what your mom can do...i'm not as perfect as her...she's been doing this for 35 years! i'm just starting out...and i'm soo excited to figure it out and learn...but your just want your mommy. i thought when you marry some one your ready to let that go, and start your own life...asking for some assistance or advice is normal...but come on!

oh and since i'm already b******, it also makes me mad, when you or your family refer to the home we share as YOURS only. like its all you, i did nothing, i contribute nothing, i just live with you. well, WE LIVE TOGETHER. stop calling it YOUR HOUSE. we liove their together. and i contribute i dont pay the bills. so i didnt build it by myself..but damn it, i work hard..i do the laundry, cook, clean, take care of the dog, and on top of that, you leave for work for three weeks at a time and leave me to do everything, get up a driveway that my car obviously insnt made car is trashed now thanks to that. then after doing all that and working 9 hours 5 days a week (with your family), i have to be with your family (again) to do things with them 6 nights a week. sometimes 7. i'm just tired...i want some me and you time....alone time...i obviously cant just lay down on the couch and sleep when they come over. as you think this is rude...when am i going to get my time? g******! stop being so selfish!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • aw thank you. =] you just made my day.

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