Slept with more guys then your mother.

Judge me if you want I could really care less. but im a nympho. Im a 19 year old girl and Ive slept with 39 guys. I love having s** and thats never going to change. Im super safe about it but when i tell people sometimes ive had s** with that many guys they are in shock considering ago 16-23 the average is 9.....

Feb 25, 2012

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  • See I don't much understant people like you. No, not about how many people you have f*****, I could care less. But you go and say something like that, saying "judge me if you want." and justifying why you've done what you've done. If you were really comfortable with it, then why would you go out on the internet and seek judgment then claim you don't care what people think? You are contradicting yourself. I mean seriously, if you dont want judgment, don't go putting out advertisements for it. If you are comfortable with who you are, good. But why do you need to go online on an internet confession site, talk about it, then tell people you dont care if they judge you for it? I think you really need to look inside yourself and see if you are truly happy with who you have become because I get the feeling no one could possibly judge you harsher than you're judging yourself. PEACE.

  • See how the illiterate attention w**** OP ignored you? That isn't your fault- all you did was call her on her idiocy. Dumb people hate it when you do that and either attack or ignore you for it. Don't worry though, you were heard and agreed with! Just not by dumbcunt OP, that's all.

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