me and my girlfriend have been fightin

me and my girlfriend have been fightin for about two months now. and she was always sayin that i needed to trust her more. but then when i started to i found out that she has been flirtin on the internet. when i asked her about it she denied it all. now she is sayin that she was just kidding. what should i do? should i forgive her or how should i tell her how i really feel?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The same thing happened between my boyfriend and I. Confront her... It will get better.

  • if she is doin that to you know, she will keep it up and it will get worse. if she dont stop dump her

  • listen to me heres real help if flirting is haha your cute thats ok but if its u make so h**** then watch it also talk to her dont just shut her off what proof do u have of her doing that show her it

  • two months is a long time, so maybe its time to call it off

  • Flirting is human nature!! so let it go, if you can't trust her let her go!!! trust is very important in every relationship unless you have proff that she did something bad don't throw it in her face you might just push her to do it.

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