why didnt he molest me?

I found out some years ago that my dad molested both my sisters. But he never touched me. Its not that I wanted to be molested, but I don't understand what was wrong with me that kept him from doing anything to me. I know I'm sick for thinking this, but I can't help it. I'm confused and angry.

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  • These people are probably molesters them selves., how crewel the people in this world can be. Don't reach out to these people reach out to someone who cares. Call a counselor you'll be suprised how helpful they can be. Even if it didn't happen to you it still hurt you in some ways because your angry that he hurt them and don't know how to express it. It's good that your trying to find an answer but your looking in the wrong place... Wishing you god speed to you healing!

  • "... but I can't help but feel as though my dad didn't love me enough to want to hurt me."

    W?!? T?!? F?!?

    And you say WE'RE sick???

    Get some professional help.

  • ^I seriously doubt you are completely compassionate in every situation, to every person. I'm sure it's possible you could be, but I really doubt it.
    Can you say hypocrite?

  • some people only understand that something is horrible when it happens to them. if it happens to someone else it's hilarious. can you say sociopath.

  • Shut tha f*** up b****!!!

  • Oh my God! You people are sick bastards. Except for the first person, you all are jerks. I am not ugly. My sisters never asked for it. The whole idea of that is repulsive. No child ever asks to be molested. Maybe you guys are molesters too. I am so angry that you guys say things like that. These things are what I deal with every single day. I am glad I was never molested but I can't help but feel as though my dad didn't love me enough to want to hurt me. Or maybe he loved me but not my sisters. I don't know. What ever his reason is, he messed all three of us up. One sister is now a drug dealer/addict who is in and out of jail all the time. She sold her 8 yr old daughters body to her dealer just so she can have some drugs. How f***** is that? My other sister is so timid that she has been in some really bad relationships. She is fat and frumpy. One of her boyfriends stalked her after she left him. After 20 years he finally found her again. As for me, I've been in a series of bad relationships myself. I have been mentally, emotionally, and sexually abused by past boyfriends. I am afraid of standing up for myself or my children. Being molested is horrible, but being the only one not touched is also pretty awful too. I know they can't compare. I guess its like survivors guilt. It should have been me, not my sisters. They deserved a chance at a happy life. To all you a******* who take this as a joke- go f*** yourselves!

  • You're jealous, aren't you?
    Your sisters LIKED it, didn't they?
    The fact you wern't molested means they ASKED him to do it.
    You didn't, so you wern't.
    Simple as that.

  • ^ I lol'd so hard

  • Nah. Ignore all that. ^

    He never touched you because you're fugly.

  • he f***** you up in other ways. was he big on mental abuse (psychological torture) maybe he didn't think he would get away with it with you. maybe you had people close to you that he didn't want to deal with. remembering what your father's p**** tasted like is one of the most vile memories a person can have. he did these things to me when he thought i'd be too young to remember. sadly, for both of us, my long term memory is exceptional. extended family knew about it for f***'s sake and did nothing but threaten to tell. nobody ever did, too shameful for the family. i'd love to confront them with "remember when..." and make them look me in the eye when they answer. the memories started resurfacing over the past few years. vivid, tastes, smells, sights, and sounds. i'll be in the middle of doing something and remember the taste and texture of it. new development in the past few months. to say it's disturbing is the understatement of the century. i pray every day that i didn't deserve it and that i'll get over it and be alive again. if anyone ever touched my children I'd tell everyone who'd listen and let the mob rule after I'd moved them safe and far away. still sorry you missed out? keep in mind, my story isn't half as bad at most. i'm not feeling sorry for myself. just same s*** different bucket. only a few of my closest friends know. i feel like a freak by proxy and i hate him for it. knowing that i'm part of him makes me want to die. it's revolting. there's no better word for it. be there for your sisters, they need as many people as possible in their corner.

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