Alcoholics anonymous is a cult. Its

Alcoholics anonymous is a cult. Its goal is to create psychological dependence on AA. It promotes self centeredness at the expence of your family. Nothing like spending the rest of your life addicted to AA so you can never move on and forget about alcohol. They will tell you that your entire family is codependant,sick and diseased so they need anonymous groups too.If they dont do them well then they arent supporting you.They will tell you that you are stupid,diseased and cant think foryourself. The halmark of a cult:Were right and everyone else is wrong. They will not accept criticism of any kind.They believe that AA is the one and only way to stop drinking and if you do it all by yourself,well youre just dilusional and on the verge of death.
AA tells you that you are sick forever and the only way to overcome that disease is by giving them money ,recruiting for them,and being addicted to meetings.I think I'm going to have to have my husband kidnapped and deprogramed.
AAers are notorious for chanting slogans ,writting poetry and having dreamy stoned looks on their faces.

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  • I don't know about cult, but, will give my view: When my ex-wife was drinking her face off, uncontrollably, I started going to Families of Alcoholics meetings. While they did help for a bit, the meetings also served a social and, hookup purpose.

    I met a gorgeous, high-end, Fifth Ave NYC-type woman (actually, she had a store on 5th Ave before her marriage and divorce), who was, by all rights, out of my league. We became friends, then, more than that. She told me, in a halting, sexy as h*** voice, that she'd "Definitely be inter-ested in..Spending..More time..With you..At my house..Alone". I loved hearing it from her, and, jumped at the chance, and, her.

    We ended up having s**, off and on, for about a year until she moved, and met a freaking doctor. Still, I had my fun with her, and, had the meetings to thank for it.

  • support groups are for weak pathetic people.

  • i think i will go have a beer now ,no am serious.

  • support groups are for weak pathetic people.

  • You have some valid points...and alot of anger. Hopefully your husband can continue to manage his alcoholism by some means, support group or not. You might consider doing something theraputic for yourself, as it can be pretty stressful living with and caring about someone with an addiction. Good luck to you both.

  • i confess that me and my best friend go to AA meetings a little wasted just to listen to all the loosers with their pathetic tales.
    After the meetings we try to pick up the chicks and then go out to our favorite club and get drunk and laugh all night long.

  • word!

  • you just watched that episode of south park didnt you ?!

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