Okay this is not my first confession but this is my first with a name that I will you for now on which is ShyGirl101 and I'm gonna be confessing with this title or name ok so if you want to read my confessions just look it up okay but anyways what was I sayin Oh what in the h*** is with all these people trying to find dates on this damm site I mean come on now are you really that desperate to find someone where you have to find someone on a confession site what the h*** go to EHarmony or something if your that desperate. Well thats I'll I got to say for now I'll be back though comment on this if you want I don't care.

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  • You know what your right all of you are I had the idea to come on this site as someone to talk to and help people and connect with them but I turned into a b**** and I'm sorry for that. I have done some messed stuff in life to and I know how it feels when someone talks down on them. I am sorry for being so f***** up towards everyone on here. I only put my name after everything I say because I wanted people to know who they can search for if they needed to talk to someone but I guess that didn't turn out how I planned because I became a b**** about a lot of s*** on here. I know a lot of you on here are gonna think this is bullshit but I am truly sorry and I decided to stay on this site but not as ShyGirl101 but as someone everybody can come and talk to like I planned the first time and I would like to put a name on here so people can look me up and talk about something they need to express or something like that. I just want to help. So I'm sorry for anyone I offended or p***** off. Could you guys forgive me. I know that sound corny but I'm sorry.

  • Hey shygirl, tell us something about yourself. Where do you live, what are you doing with your life.? What have you done that you can't tell anywhere else?

  • I am the person that disses on all the stupid confession and there was a confession about a 48 year old women looking for a man in is 20 on here so I was just saying this site a for that.
    but hey I know how to take criticism ok so say wats on your mind I would do the same thing and your right sometimes my confession don't make since and its because Im probably p***** off when I type the s*** I type.-ShyGirl101

  • No one tries to find dates on here, what the h*** are you talking about?

  • NO ONE GIVES A S***.

    Your confessions f****** suck. please don't torture us with more from you.

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