I have to confess

Whoever said 14 year olds are annoying, I just have one message for you:

You are correct!

Look kids, You have no idea about anything, your stupid drama is such pathetic he said she said **, makes me sick.

I know you think you know more than people older than you, because Disney told you that, but you don't. Really.

When you get older, and remember how you are now, you will think how young and dumb you were.

So please, just shut up.

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  • I am a 17 year old guy with a 14 year old sister who is still in puberty! She wets the bed because of it and wears diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.Our mom usually puts them on her early in the evening.When i have my buddies over she is constantly hanging around us and talking!

  • No chance. When they grow up they NEVER remember how demanding & unreasonable they could be. They STILL think the world evolves around them. Not until they have 13 year olds of their own. THEN they remember.

  • I agree, many teens give thirteen to sixteen year olds bad names.

  • Hey give them a chance to grow and experience life just like you did. Some of them are amazing, I have a 13 year old son that continually amazes me with his intellect. He can talk politics and history with me and we have some very interesting conversations. I will say you are right about annoying from time to time. I mean I love that he can play those guitars but sometimes I need a break. But wow he has more education and a broader world view than did at 20.

  • THANK YOU! Young and dumb go hand in hand.

  • AMEN! and shygirl is annoying as ** too.

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