Sexually Frustrated

I am in a long distant relationship. I love my boyfriend to death but miss having s** and sith him. I haven't seen him in three years. H e hasn't slept with anyone else since and I believe him.

I have had s** with other men, even my landlord. He gave me presents for it but I didn't really want the presents it was just the hunger for s**.

Right now I m********* badly and buy d***** like every month. The problem is I get jealous of anyone else having s**. I even told my mum that my brother sneaks his girlfriend in the house and they do it.

I cuss people that have s** with all sorts but deep down I wish it was me. I wish I could have so much s**, I am so desperate. In the end I am hurting those that I love and those close to me because of my sexual frustrations. Someone f***k me please!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You little w****, of COURSE he's f****** other women.
    Just like you're f****** other men.
    He's probably f****** so much every night he doesn't have time to talk to or think about you.
    Ever wonder why that phone call didn't come or why that letter didn't arrive on time?
    Wonder no more, my sweet little s***.
    He's f****** his h**** brains out.
    So go ahead and f*** and suck your landlord.
    Just remember, somebody else is doing the same to your boyfriend.

  • what man gonna hold out for 3yrs? are you really that nieve? grow the f*** up, you no he f***** thats why your on this sight requesting a f*** partner. your relationship is over your boyfriend is toying you around for his amusement, im jus telling you like it is girl!

  • Of course hes having s** with other women. Dont be stupid. The question is why 3 years. Call it quits and find someone with a strong sexual appetite that matches yours.

  • OR you could not cheat on him! hes holding out for you and your on here trying to find a cheap lay. think about it.

  • I would love to f*** u where you stay at?

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