NOTE: THIS IS THE FINAL CHAPTER OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU JUST BE HAPPY IT WASN'T AS S***** AS THAT OTHER STORY. Just search for "s***" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters.

"I'm a lot lizard!" Avril cried, her head buried in her hands. Crystal tears dropped off her like her clothes do, when a man would flash her five bucks.

"You mean you remember everything?" Jake asked, his voice changing, becoming deeper.

"I do, oh why, why did it happen?" Avril kept sobbing, "None of this would have happened, none of it, if I didn't write that stupid fanfiction, people wouldn't have shamed me till I couldn't hold my head up with pride anymore!"

A strange glow surrounded Jake, his body changing from the strange suit to reptilian scales. Horns, long and twisted, erupted from either side of his head.

Avril looked up at him and screamed.

"Jake! What happened?"

"I am not Jake, that dumbass is sitting in some college somewhere eating crap and crying about his life!"

"Who are you?"

"I am the demon in charge of the abyss of confessionpost, where all trolls go!"

With the wave of one clawed hand the asylum changed into darkness, real, terrible darkness, not that s***** emo darkness.

"Oh why? Why WHY?" Avril screamed, running from the figure.

Quickly she ran through the void, until she bumped into another person.

"Please help me!"

The figure looked at her.

"Do you like Christopher Walken?" The inbred dumbass asked.

Avril screamed and kept running.

Suddenly a figure grabbed at her out of the gloom.

"Shh, I'm pooping my pants!"

"Shut up!" Avril kicked his shin to free herself, and continued running. "I ain't no troll evryone, I wanted to write a story to make people feel good, I ain't no troll!"

"Over here!" A voice came from nowhere.

"What?" Avril asked cautiously.

"I love my sister!" the gloom parted as the figure ran towards her.

Avril ran again.

After what felt like forever, Avril collapsed.

"I'm more tired than when I have a full day at the Pit and Sip truck stop!"

Avril raised her head, tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry!" She yelled into the unforgiving abyss, "Please, show me some mercy, I'll never troll again!"

The solid flooring opened beneath her, and she was sucked into the void.

This miracle was witnessed by every Atheist on confessionpost.

When they saw this happen, they decided that the writer of those s*** stories getting pulled into the abyss was proof of a divine being, and confessionpost became a holy place.

To this day truckers will tell you that if you go to a truck stop bathroom at midnight, and flash a five dollar bill into the air, it will disappear, and you will hear a voice whisper......

"I wrote fanfiction."

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I think Mist was Avril, she got her brain fixed in the last chapter.

  • Write another one!

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