Forgotten Mist- an EEnE fanfic- chapter 21

NOTE: THIS IS CHAPTER 21 OF MY STORY, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU RIP YOUR EYES OUT IF YOU HAVE READ THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOTHING IS GOING ON. Just search for "s***" in the confession post search to see all previous chapters. [NOTE: Some of you will know the trolls mentioned, others of you should look into the past of this website to understand some of the references.]

Jake ran through the corridors, knowing he only had a certain amount of time. If he could get to Hank.....

"Hank." Was all he could say.

As he turned another corridor, he came upon a door with hate filled messages all over it, along with posters of men. Either Jake had found Hank, or he had stumbled onto Taylor Swift's hideout.

Using his time travel armor, Jake punched a hole through the door. Ripping it from the hinges, he stepped quickly into the room, laser at the ready.

"No need for that Jake," Came a voice that resembled the static sound of his own, "we can be civilized, you and me."

"I don't want to fight you Hank." Jake kept the laser ready.

"Jake you surprise me! I saved your life in the future, and this is how you repay me?"

Jake knew it was true. If Hank hadn't busted a GNUT on him, his life could've been over.

Before Jake could respond, one of the robots grabbed him from behind. Hank walked from the shadows, laughing.

"You are always so sentimental. I guess you were looking for this?" Hank stroked a GNUT in his hand.

"Hank you b******! You're a doctor, you have to help that girl!"

"Oh I will, she needs to be healthy for my experiments."

"She isn't what she seems to be, I need that GNUT to do more than heal her wound, it will heal her mind so she will know what she is."

"What is she?"

Jake knew Hank was always curious, it was how they met.

Thats when Jake noticed something. Hank's helmet had been damaged.

Thinking there was little time left, Jake fired his laser. Even pinned behind him it still burst through the robot, destroying it.

Even as the robot was destroyed, Jake kicked out Hank's legs from under him. Hank fell to the floor hard, his own helmet sparking when he hit the ground.

"Hank!" Jake tried to remove the electrified helmet, but it did no good.

Hank lay on the ground barely moving.

"Jake, Jake, I'm sorry, my suit malfunctioned messing with my brain, I'd have to be a total dumbass to act the way I did. Take this GNUT, heal that girl. Go back to the future and tell everyone I'm sorry. I'm a troll no more." Hanks body twitched, and then nothing.

"I could never quit you." Jake said. After one final look, Jake ran back through the hallways, back to the room where Mist lay.

Hoping he wasn't too late, Jake broke the GNUT.

For a moment nothing, then Mist coughed. Opening her eyes she looked around.

"Jake, thank you." Sitting up Mist untied the cloth from her arm. the damage from the laser was gone, only a small scar remained.

"Do you remember anything?" Jake asked, his voice hopeful.

"I do, my name isn't Mist is it? It's Avril, like that s***** singer that thinks she sings punk rock, but has no idea what punk rock really is. That man that punched me in the face, he wasn't my father, he was just some guy. I'm not some elf with a magic power, I'm one of the worst lot lizards ever!"

(One more chapter anyway. It'll be highly insulting, I really have no apologies about this, thanks to anyone who likes the story.)

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  • i think it'd be funny if walkenstalker got the part
    ...but mature black women guy, just don't encourage it

  • ^L does, not the others though, they're not good enough trolls to deserve a part. L doesn't really, she's just been around forever.

  • ^^^LOL I agree this is awesome!

  • One more chapter? The other person is gonna write like twenty more, don't make me read that, I get bored at work.

  • LOL funny again! What is a lot lizard? Is she an alien lizard person or something?

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