i am a divorced man of 7 yeras with 2 daughters aged 12 and 14. my ex remarried last year and both my daughters live with their mom in the week and with me at weekends. i confess to being very worried over my eldest daughters behaviour. i may be over reacting but my daughter has taken to wearing very revealing clothes, short skirts, tight fitting tops and im sure sometimes she's not even wearing a bra, as i couldn't help but notice the outline of her nipples more than once. more worrying is what my younger daughter tells me what went on with their step father. to be fair he seemed a descent guy, he loves himself as he works out a lot and at 27 a good few years younger than my ex. until a few months ago he treated both my girls equally but now the younger one is ignored and the older one can do no wrong in his eyes. my youngest arrived last saturday morning as usual but looking a bit upset, she then preceeded to tell me that on friday night when my ex works she walked into the day room to find the step dad lying on his back with her sister sitting across him. he was only wearing shorts and a vest and her sister a skirt which had ridden up showing her panties and a crop top and no bra again, he was bouncing her up and down using his body strength. after a couple of seconds they noticed my youngest standing their and quickly got up, she is old enough to know it didn't look right and asked whats going on? he explained it was part of his weight training lifting a weight using his back muscles. when they later went to their room she told her that her step dad must of been able to see her t*** as her top was so short, and her panties but she just laughed. i just don't know what to do for the best, if i try to speak to my ex she will think i am trying to cause trouble in their new marriage, my youngest may even be lying as she does get jealous, but i don't think so as i have seen the clothes she now wears, or maybe it is all totally innocent. this is what i had tried to convince myself was true, unfortunately i now fear the worst, my eldest arrived early saturday afternoon, her step dad dropped her off, that evening she showered and the next day we all had a great family sunday together. i took the girls back as usual and returned home. i know this is probably wrong but i always do their laundry sunday nights and this time being so concerned for my daughter i went through her washing and found her two pairs of panties she had been wearing at the weekend. i couldn't help but inspect them closely and my worst nightmares were confirmed, one pair you wouldn't know had been worn and the other which must of been the ones she was wearing when she arrived were crusty and heavily stained, i quickly raised them to have a quick sniff and as any man knows that smell of s** was so strong the mix of c** and a girls wet p**** can't be mistaken. i know she hasn't got a boyfriend so i have to think the worse. at the very least i know i must confront my daughter, maybe with her mother present. if anyone can offer sensible advice it maybe very helpfull.

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  • I used to bathe my stepdaughter till she was 12yrs. Her mother was a good-time girl and left us alone at home many times. When she was about 10 while i was bathing her and washing her p**** she kept pushing against my hand and suddenly squeezed it with her legs and let out a moan. I realised she had climaxed. Next day she asked to bathe as soon as her mom went out. This time she held on to my hand as soon as i started to bathe her and began rubbing it against her p****. I became aroused and took her to the bedroom and began sucking her p****, boy she went wild until she came, i then encouraged her to suck my c*** and she did until came in her mouth and she swallowed everything. We kept this up everytime her mom went out. When she was near 12, while bathing her and rubbing her p**** I shoved in my finger hard and broke hey hymen. After a little while she felt no more pain and i fingered her until she came. I then took her to the bed and we f*****. We would f*** almost every day. One day her mom came home earlier than expected and caught us. To my surprise she did not object saying that I was minding both of them and was entitled to payment. Since then I have f****** my stepdaughter till she went away at 27.

  • ooooooooookkkkkkkkkkaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy

  • I love you.

  • As a stepdaddy of a 11 year old daughter i enjoy doing everything i want to her. since you biological daddies wont even teach your young daughters how to give a b****** its my right and prevalige to enjoy them.

  • i too enjoy the pleasures of my two stepdaugters, 12 and 14yrs. They can suck and f*** good. I want to encourage them to make love to each other.

  • Do both of them together have a three way h*** let the steps daddy join

  • dear friend be close to your elder let her believe you and talk any subject including with s** with you when you got right time explain her how could it harm her life in future that was how I save my sister from uncle it is natural young girl in your daughters age does such thing if you dont be cunning you may damage your relation ship with your daughter.best of luck you may succeed as you seems a good caring father.

  • You are very observant, but a little conservative too. Keep an eye on the relationship and use your youngest as a confidant.

    About the tops and such. You can't ignore her right to explore her sexuality at this age. You cannot insist that her nipples never show through a shirt. She is well into puberty and those are the things that your body forces on you. Its now that she needs a role model and a non-condescending source for her to ask questions.

    The step-father might not be respectful to a dad-daughter relationship because she is not of his loins. That attachment just isn't there, so she is being objectified by him. A source or sexual arousal (Maybe, no proof yet.) But, you can turn on the TV and have it shoved in your face too. This is where your relationship of trust and communication with the girls is needed most. Hopefully they KNOW what is moral or not. Your greatest enemy now is peer-pressure or even insecurity and the desperate need to be wanted and to fit in. Tough times.

    What may come out of this is how your youngest daughter opens her eyes and then understands the value of innocence at her age. To understand the good girl/bad girl dichotomy that they face. It is so tough at that time but trust your fatherly instincts and keep your eyes on this situation.

    Best of luck!

  • So, all you did was confirm that your daughter is a little w****.
    I only wish the little minx was living next to me.
    I'd ram 8 inches of hardon up her tight little puckered a****** every night.

  • 1 report, but insist that it does not come from you. and be patient. she needs you attention and he is just your weak substitute
    2 get the older one in places where she can mix with other boys of her age. buy her a 2 month trip over the world or something like that
    3 rip his b****. it not a murder, so even if caught it aint gonna be that long before you back. the bad bit is that while youre doing the time much worse thing can happen. she might get into drugs - then it is the end

  • Dont wish to worry you but are you sure the youngest isnt in on the action could be doing them both

  • i warn you if you tell her i will pop a cap in your ass mo fo. We are in love and she is pregnant. Step dad

  • what? why are u sniffing your daughters panties? Your worse than the stepdad christ you americans are some sick mother f******

  • What makes you think they are Americans? They could just as easily be Eurotrash.

  • Time to get the mother and daughter and have a very serious talk.

    Do not allow the step dad to sit in.

    This is a serious problem, if he has been involved sexually with your daughter, which is statutory rape, PUT HIM IN JAIL ! No matter what you ex says.

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