damaged goods

well i dont know how i ever got to this point. my friend tells me i need serious counseling, but arent i the stereotypical girl?

i have both attachment and detachment issues. I attach to guys after s**, but ive only attached to guys who have treated me like s***. the guys who treat me nice are not enough of a thrill for me? the one guy is only f**** me and leaves me..i really like him. and he wont give me the time of day. and he's very sexually degrading. i do it because he likes it. and for that little while i think he actually likes me. i am so ashamed and disgusted with myself that i was treated like a cheap, desperate h*****.

but i can be so cold to guys who like me for who i am, who actaully take me out on dates and treat me with respect. i ditch them, lie to them, and plain out ignore them until they dont like me anymore.

i am so ashamed of myself. my self esteem is shattered and i have no s** drive anymore. and i'm only 21. things have progressively gotten worse and i am afraid i'll only stay in abusive relationships and get killed one day by a psycho boyfriend/husband.

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  • To the first commenter;
    Yeah, the chemical that is produced is called "Child Support".
    It oozes out all over the birth certificate and runs down into the wallet.

  • ^Well you'd need a spine, a d***, and some b****, all of which you clearly lack.

    So I call bullshit on your opinion.

  • Oh, hey, us abusers need somebody to abuse, otherwise we'd have to reform.
    I LOVE to abuse women sexually. I make them eat my a******, p*** all over them, force them to perform s** acts on my friends and strangers alike.
    I once had a girlfriend who I forced to blow a bar full of strange guys.
    Then, I beat h*** out of her for being unfaithful.
    You need to get in touch with me, sweetheart.
    I'll show you the REAL meaning of abuse.

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