young death

I am obsessed with young death. I suppose I mean more specifically, people who are in their teens and twenties, but every few days, I skim through the list of people who have recently died on Wikipedia and look for anyone under the age of 50. I read the article and look for news pieces about how they died.
I enjoy reading more about suicide, but I am interested no matter what it is, from accidents to suicide to murder, whatever.
I don't know why I'm like this. I am not suicidal and I'm not obsessed with death otherwise.

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  • That's cool. People over 50 aren't human anyway, they don't count.

  • Yeah it's normal. I look up heaps of crap. I love seening dead bodies, blood. I LOVE cannibals, rape and murder. But i draw the line at children, i hate things happening to children. I like reading about their deaths still but i mean how peopel have done something sexual to them. gross. I also love weird sexual things. These are my three favourite websites:

    Check them out if you haven't already

  • Morbid. Apply to work at a funeral home?

  • Maybe you have an obsessive fear of dying young, and this is your way of coping with it?

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