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A few years ago, when I was 10, my friend showed my a p**n vid. And I think I'm obsessed. I'm 13, and I try and c*m every day and I m********* a lot. I mean I'm doing it right now. I trade nudes with people that are up to 20 years older than me. Should I be c***ing regularly at the age of 13, obsessed with p**n, and seeking s** all the time?? Please help me and tell me weather I'm in the right mind.

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  • Yeah you're pretty much a normal young girl for this day in age, and you can c** as much as you feel comfortable with as long as you're masturbating in private, you're not hurting yourself from doing it so often and you're not distressed about it with in your own mind.

    I see nothing wrong with trading nudes with people much older then yourself if you so desire, how ever be advised that it could be considered distribution of child p**********, depending on laws in your area, so I'd consider that if I were you, other then that don't worry yourself over something that is just a phase that most young people go though as they are changing from a child to a young adult and It's right if you feel it is right for you and it should only be wrong if you feel it is wrong for you!

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  • By 10 an older girl had jerked sucked and had me penetrate her. By 12 still shooting blanks, I had done the same to my neighbor girl my own age. Her virginity went alost a years before she started periods.
    She LOVED to j*** me and LOVED s**. We did it every day after school. She would j*** or suck me on the school bus on the way home some days. No one knew, we in the back alone.
    By 14 she had moved and the other girl next door wanted np part of it. The gurl behind us did, but she was very young. With time she became ready, while we waited we did oral and hand pleasure. On her 12th B day I split her and kept that up all summer.
    No period and no worry about babies, so I could jusst go at her unsheethed.

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