So lonely

I'm so incredibly lonely. My husband is always at work and I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids. I wish I got the attention I did before I was married. I think about an ex a lot.....feel really guilty about that :(

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Get yourself some daytime action while the kids are in school or at activities..Few years ago, one of my neighbors a few houses from me was in similar situation. Three kids, she was stay at home (and hot) mom, and husband on the road a lot.

    I took their dog back one day, as he got out a lot, and she invited me inside. We chatted, she thanked me, then mentioned having "all this time during the day" while the kids were at school. I more than got the hint that she was lonely and in need of sxual attention. Kelly was very attractive, with a fit, tight body (what was the husband thinking, leaving her alone so much?), and, as a former hair stylist, knew how to keep herself looking good.

    We started having sx a few times per week, until her husband got transferred back locally and was around more often. I had at her for a year at least. One of the local pubs thought we were married, we'd go in during the daytime so much.

  • I work close to home, am on time for dinner at 6ish, read a bedtime story every night to my girls. I know your story and have less pay just to avoid your situation. While the girls are young, Mom is not working. That will change and we'll be able to afford more then. But for now I value my time with my family. Its a sacrifice but worth it.

    Think so?

  • You might as well have been my own wife. I'm also always at work trying to make ends meet. Her ex bf comes on Wednesdays (with my blessing).

  • Would you feel better if your husband was out of work and stayed home all the time?
    He's trying to make a life for you guys, but that can't happen without money.
    Be grateful. In this day and age, there are a lot of people who can't even find a job.

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