hey, i posted a confession before about

hey, i posted a confession before about how i made my best friend cheat on her b/f with me. and i said that i would never do nething like that in my life. Well heres my next confession.
I'm dating this girl whose a year younger then me. Shes in 10th grade, i in 11th. I asked her out July 4, 1 month and 5 days ago. Well on July 9, i left for a Leadership Training Camp which i spent 1 week their. Within that 1 week, i met a girl who lives 7hours away named amanda. While at camp, amanda and i spent every waking, co-ed, moment we could with each other. We aided eachother their the pitch black darkness of the cave, to help over come the fear of falling 80ft from the highropes, to even motivating eachother to stay strong on the 10mile hight up a mountain. Well, during this week, as you can prolly guess from all the events, we got close. Really close. Then in the middle of the week, after the 10mile hike...we shared a kiss under the stars and dibbles of the rain. From then on, we kissed eachother goonite, and even shared in different, sexual, activities. Then to continue my sinned ways, last saturday i was at my friends house, she had a poolparty, where i got into a foursum in the pool with my 2 chick friends and a dude name joey, and went to one of the chicks houses 2 nites ago and didn't really leave her room. Thats 3 times i've cheated on meg, and i'm still with her. I tell myself that i have to just break up with her, but idk how. also i say i must come out with the truth and tell her waht i been doing, but dk how to do that either. Now i must live with myself as a cheater, nothing more, nothing less

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  • Hey dude that's cool while you were partying I was doing Meg, she's geat. Notice the difference in her s** lately?? I bet you do!!!

  • You are young, a young pig. I agree with the first post. . .you will get what is coming to you

  • Break up with your girl and don't tell her about your cheating. There is no reason to break her heart just to make yourself feel better by confessing. Let her know you don't deserve her and then end it. From there stay single for a while. You are young and obviously want some time to casually fool around. Thats your perogative as long as you are not doing it behind someone elses back. Let your lady partners know that you only want something causual. Its wrong to lead people on! Another thing WRAP IT BEFORE YOU REGRET IT!!!!!

  • Thats ok, but when you are about 24, and have 2 kids, your soon to be ex-wife is going to rip you a new a****** with her lawyer and you will get to pay a hefty child support, and while she gets the house you get to hellp pay for, she will get another boyfriend that she will f*** in the bed you paid for.. Long and short, cheating right now is cheap, but oh boy, just wait a few years.

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