2 years ago

It was 2 years ago that you have me this awful disease. It was 2 years ago that I lended you my trust and you betrayed it by handing me a disease. You changed my life forever. There isn't a cure in the world for this. Ill have this for the rest of my life. Ya know they just don't f****** make water hot enough and soap clean enough to scrub away all the shame and guilt that rest beneath my f****** skin! You denied me when I told you! You denied knowing me! We smoked pot in the backyard and I taught the word discombobulated! You found it so funny! We laughed so hard we cried! And yet you still deny me! Thanks to you I can no longer feel sexy. I can't feel beautiful! Knowing I have a disease that changed my life and you gave it to me! You f****** gave it to me! I was a notch in your bed post I didn't mean s*** to you and you probably don't remember me and I wish I could forget you but you changed my life. My disease they haven't found a cure for and ill die with it etched in my f****** tomb stone!

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