i cheat on my boyfriend every week and i cant stop

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  • hey this is the girl who went off and said shut the f*** up and all that listen I apologize for everything I said it just that was the worst day of my life and I have really bad mood swings and issues. I know that I should not use health or mental issues as an excuse for my actions but its the truth and I'm truly sorry for what I said to the girl who wrote this confession your problems are just as important as mine and I hope you get it all settled out with your boyfriend and you get to stay with the guy you are happy with. I can't explain how sorry I am. I'm going to the hospital for a doctors appointment to get an opinion or diagnosis on my problem. but enough about me I am so sorry for offending you and talking down on you, you don't deserve that and I hope you can forgive me.

  • Hey girl above. Make your own comment status thing. Don't comment on this girls problem just so you can b****. She's allowed to say anything she wants. You are dip s*** so don't tell her to shut the f*** up. she has just as much right. Are you going to post your statement on every single one which you think may not be as bad as yours?

    And to the girl whose cheating.. Are you having relationship problems? Either way.. You shouldn't stay with your boyfriend.. Or fess up.

  • You know what shut the f*** up you think that is a problem try having everyone in your family look at you and call you a b****,s***,hoe,w**** and your only a 15 year old virgin. On top of that having your parents put you down cause you can't make them proud for anything. I just fist fight my b****** of a brother and then my dad came home and slap me across the face several times and just kept hitting me. So until your in my position then shut the f*** up.

  • That's because you like it.
    You're looking for that perfect c***.

  • Karma will get you.

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