I would love to try "a***" s** with my

I would love to try "a***" s** with my boyfriend but I am scared of what He will think of me if I ask or if He wants it and after trying I don't like it or it would hurt me

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  • I tried it, and it hurt so bad, I could not even let him all the way in!

  • why do straight guys like that? It seems a little gay to me. . .

  • I, personally, never got the appeal of a*** s**.

    But if I had a girlfriend, and she asked for it, I'd do it gladly.

    If I had a girlfriend...


  • It's gross.

  • Your muscles do not get torn. My man bangs my ass so hard that I think he's trying to break me in half. I love it. I don't bleed. My muscles are intact. Tell him you want it because it's great.

  • Go for it. Its awesome. Just make sure you s*** first. And use lubricant. It only hurts when going in.

  • just go for it. lol**

  • I would love to try a*** with a girl, he is a lucky guy


  • go for it! I dont know any guys that would not be into it

  • It will hurt...but with pain sometimes comes pleasure. Your a***/ sphincter muscle is directly tied to the genitals and can lead male and females to o****** without any other simultanious stimulation. That said you should use ky lubricant or other waterbased lubricant. Oil based lubricants actually can increase the chance of a*** hemmerrhoids.? as well as a*** bleeding. On the subject of bleeding chances are you will, the a*** tissue is not as strong as the skin on the rest of our bodies. Fecal matter (p***) residue will likely be seen and smelled if inspected up close. It is best if you use the potty far in advance of your encounter you may even wish to probe your
    own with a finger to make sure your clean. your first time you will want to be the one with the control choose a position which you can control has fast and far the p**** enters you.

    last but not least relax your a*** during the a*** s**... fighting it only prolongs the possibility of pain. and the next morning when you have to go p*** again don't be surprised if it just slids out of you like diahreha.? your muscle will be to worn to hold back.

  • i've done i once and it feels good and yeah it hurt my gurl but after it got in and started movin after a couple minutes she loved it and now we are doin it every chance we get

  • I'd say that if you want to try it then tell him you want to give it a one time shot. If you don't like it, tell him it hurts too much, even if it doesn't. That way he won't bug you about it. Only a j*** would bug you about doing it again if you tell him it hurts a lot. As for what he thinks, most guys would love to have their girl ask to try it. I wouldn't worry about him thinking anything bad about you unless he's real reserved or uptight.

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