I want to be hit and controlled is tht wrong or is something wrong with me I like to provoke my boyfriend and I do stuff that I know he won't like so that he can punish me I love it sooo much when he gets soo mad and looks at me I feel alive and I want more and when we have s** omg it's soo soo soo good he likes to smack me and choke me and also he loves a*** s** and I do whatever for him he covers my mouth when I get to loud sometimes a*** hurts lol but I love him and I just want to be touched n let him know that I like it mmmm I can't wait to start some s*** with him

May 7, 2017

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  • I too love drunk women, especially drunk married women. But back to topic.. I have known several women who liked to be hit, or roughed up during s**. When watching other guys f*** my wife, I would encourage them to rough her up and f*** her like a w****. It's not wrong if it works for you

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • I like to take my mistress and face f*** her roughly. Sometimes she gags. I also like to instruct her to wear skimpy clothes especially short skirts. I like to make her wear this type of clothing in public and also when we visit her parents who are very concervative. I also like to spank her. Basically she is my doll and I do what I like to her. She likes some of it and some of it she has to put up with.

  • I want to do that to a guy. Lol ! Smh. jstjk??

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