Hi,Im a straight athletic type of guy

Hi,Im a straight athletic type of guy in a very good relationship with gorgeous girl but i love to watch gay movies and look at guys doing all sorts of things to each other ,this really gets me going .
i couldnt do anything with a guy myself but i fantasize about it all the time .Is this normal for most guys .

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  • H*** no it is not normal. It makes me sick. Sometimes I cant enjoy regular p*** because I have to look at some guy. Dude get away from that stuff before you end up with a d*** in your ass.

  • F** alert !!! definitely F** alert !!!!!!!!

  • hey- i watch gay p*** and im a girl. I think straight up gay p*** is just better. theres two c*** s instead of just one and no stupid girls with too much makeup and stupid facial expressions to get in the way. i give gay p*** two thumbs up (the a***).

  • man a lot of people are mean on here-_- well listen ok there is such a thing calld bi yes people there is now u need to find out for urself and think hard about it k?

  • I think that's normal, sometimes we see things that intrigue us. However, if you act on your fantasies, then I suggest you re-evaluate your sexual orientation or preferen

  • If you are not GAY then it would not interest you... who are you trying to fool?

  • gay-

  • I have the same problem early on. But I ended up with guys and Im married. Its hard not to watch

  • I would be interested in knowing your age group before responding. This is common to some degree or another in younger males up until mid teens. ON a scale of 1-10 .1 being completly heterosexual 10 being homosexual most "straight" people fall into the 1-3 grouping slighly higher in preadolecents1-5. there are several distinct sexual learning stages age 1-5 age 5-10 age 11-13 age 14-18 age 18-30 age 30-50 and elderly. Are sexuality is challeneged and changes at each age group. by the time we reach late 20's are sexuality
    is completly established. Based on what you've said you would rate around a 5 or higher on the sexuality scale this is what we would consider as bi-sexual. Now just because you wont physically act out on this doesn't change the fact that gay s** stimulates you. For whatever reasons social or political or family oriented you have choosen to dismiss your sexualy orientation is your choice and fine to live by. However, as you get older your sexuality may worsen and be harder to hold back your true feelings. It usually starts as having sexual problems in bed with your girl, (having to watch gay p*** before going out with her) (fantisizing about gay s** while having s** with your girl) (pretending your the girl and she a man while having intercourse) (inability to sexually perform without any of the above) if you find yourself in any of the above spots you should do some real soul searching.

    All that said... you should try to abstain from gay p*** for a week as well as masturbation and s**, after a week have s** with your girl if she gets you off without any other fantasies or gay related material I would say this is only a phase in your life and should be dismissed as such. also try to m********* (before you start your week) without any thoughts of homosexual s** can you get off? how long does it take vs thinking about gay s**? and is the o****** the same or more intense. those are the questions now go answer them.

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