I need a boyfriend

I'm a 15 year old girl. I never had a boyfriend. Not even an online boyfriend. I'm really getting tired of being single. I get jealous when I see couples kissing, holding hands, and showing affection to eachother. I'm not ugly. I'm decent looking. There have been guys that told me I'm cute before, so I don't understand why I don't have a boyfriend. I'm really quiet and shy. I do have some friends. But my friends at school, I don't hang out with outside of school. And I don't have any guy friends. Maybe a few guy aquantices but not really friends. I have some neighborhood friends. The type of guys I like are the badboys. I like guys that are confident or overconfident. I like guys that are older than me. I have high standards in guys but I might just take any guy I can get if I'm desperate enough. And I don't wanna be a virgin anymore either. My younger sister who just turned 13 lost her virginity when she was 12! I'm so jealous. I've had 2 opportunities to lose my virginity but I didn't take them. I just want the perfect guy to sweep me off my feet and tell me how beautiful I am. I just want someone to love me...

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