I left you last night. I drained the bank account, packed my car and took our daughter. The moment you threw that last punch, our entire marriage ended. You're never going to be able to lay a hand on me again. I hope on day you'll realize that every bruise you ever gave me, just gave me more evidence against you. The judge isn't going to like the pictures that I took everytime you got angry and decided to use me as a human punching bag. I got out to give our daughter a chance at a life she never could have gotten with you in the picture.

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  • Not big on leaving a relationship; however, this is one of those times you have to leave at the first sign.

  • The first sign was evident long before the inevitable f*** trophy was born. She just ignored it, thinking either she could "change" him or that making him a daddy would "change" him. She was wrong on both counts.

  • YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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