Young neighbor

For three months now I've been having s** with my neighbors daughter. She is under aged and attends school with my daughter. I know I shouldn't do this but the s** is amazing.

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  • I fantasy about having s** with an underage girl....anyone wanna chat about it. Email

  • Tell me about it.. Due to my sister's daughter, I happen to know how great young teen v***** is first hand.. It's great observing accounts such as these when they're genuine.. What's archaic are the laws regarding this when perhaps 95% of the time it's no harm done.. I'm sure you take care so she don't get pregnant.. Happy Lovemaking!!

  • How old is she and how old are you?

  • Damn. I am doing the same thing with your daughter. And her friend your neighbor. Your daughter is just a better f***

  • .. As if you're kidding someone, pffff.. Your envy shines bright junior but your lines are tired.. You aren't going to irritate this gentleman.. Get some new writers instead of masturbating..

  • It is always great until you get caught and suffer a lot.

  • No.

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