Loosing My Best Friend

I've been bestfriends with this guy for 3 years pretty much. We have always been SO close and we always have SO much fun together. The only thing is that this year, a new friend has come into his life and he's slipping away from me. He always has plans with her on the weekends and he's always talking to her. I have confronted him about it and he usually just gets upset with me when I do. We are perfectly fine when shes not around, but when she is I always feel left out. They DO NOT like, like eachother, for sure. And he does tell me that he often finds her annoying and dramatic and yet they are still always together. And please no "he's not a true friend then" comments. Advice please!

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  • Get them both drunk and have the double sexy.

  • You obviously like her and you're jealous. Just confront her about it... but it looks like she cares about him more than she cares about you.

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