Live together?

I really like to have s** with my ex-boyfriend. he always says we would be perfect if we lived together, but he's always mad at me for not spending enough time with him and accuses me of not wanting to be with him. when he gets mad he calls me stupid and worthless and childish and says i will never finish school. should i move in with him? we are always fighting. it's so hard.

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  • Abuse tends to escalate in domestic couples. You should probably break up with him before he starts to break up you, if you catch my drift.

  • Never ever NEVER even be with someone who abuses you in ANY way.Do not move in with him, do not have s** with him, do not do anything with him.Stay away from him.The abuse will only get worse.If you continue with this slug you will have a life of misery.

  • Dumbass. Sure you should move in with him, have a f****** family while you're at it! Are you going to ask us if you should move out when he starts to beat you and your children? How about trying to think every once in a while, it does wonders to combat stupidity.

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