I love bass hunters and all kinds of techno music and i want to try ectasy really bad because i think it would make the music and club more awesome im jus scared what do u think?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Just how awesome can a club get? Have you tried any other drugs?

  • You can always count on anonymous people on the Internet to give you 100% true information.

  • I'm an experienced roller veteran annd it will indeed f*** up your s** life. Don't kiss or f*** bc I guarantee you'll chase that feeling forever and get no relief from it. Xtc is a form of a few different drugs. Orange spots are a sign of heroine. Purple is is laced with rat poison a lot of the time. White is crystal meth. Green mercedez are horrible! Drink enough but not to much water or you really will die! I'm serious! I took blue aol guys and I thought I was going to die. From my chest up I was blood shot red. You could hear my teeth chatter 2rooms away. Couldn't breathe and everything was spinning. Try shrooms. There a bit safer and I swear so much better. You'll find that music is the key to your soul and alice and wonderland is really true!

  • Ha ha thats funny

  • I love hunting bass too. I stand out in the stream with my 20-gauge and wait for 'em to swim by, then blast 'em. THAT'S ecstasy my friend.

  • Lol i dont want to get addicted i guess ill stick to weed

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