Classic music

I'm a 19 year old guy, casual but my friends see me as a party animal and a gamer.
I am both those things but what i really spend my time on is cooking and listening to classical music.
Nobody knows that i love classical music or cooking, not even the people i live with.
I can't wait to get older so i can live alone, play music without using a headset and just enjoy a gourmet meal that i've made myself.

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  • Girls love a guy who can cook.

  • You're an adult now and coming into your own. Embrace what your passions and don't hide them. It shouldn't matter what people think. You may be surprised at what your friend actually think of you and your interests and not what you think they think (or would think) of you. Because you're assuming they may not accept you if you share this with them. And if you're friends think your interests are strange, maybe get more supportive friends. Maybe consider going to a culinary school, if you haven't already, and then pump up the volume.

  • That is the life I lead now at 40, but as I have gotten older I have learned that once you reveal your genuine self and interests to people, not only do they feel closer to you and you closer to them, but you will feel better about yourself and more confident about who you are.

    How can anyone else tell you what you like or dislike? Do not give anyone that power.

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