i saw a confession, i want to speak this finally to many who will read this, my master will always be you, uve allowed me to expand my masochism to lengths ive never seen before, although i want more and more eventually, i will always be under your command for anything you ask me, i want you to beat me more then i ask you too, we have agreed, you own me, i am your property, but without you, i will kill myself, its already been hardwired into my brain to do so, when you give up ownership of me, then it means i clearly don't deserve life, but know this, if we have an accident with my own masochism, and i do die through these practices, it will never be your fault, i love you, please never leave

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Who gave you permission to take your mask off and the butt plug out of your ass long enough to read this site? WHO!!!!

    Now get back in your cage....but get me a beer first...oh, and pop this pimple on my ass too.

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