Well . . . . do we . . . ???

So, today is the Fourth of July. It's our Independence Day. While growing up, I always thought of this as America's day to express pride in our history and pride in our place in the world, and pride in what we stand for and have always stood for. However, all the recent events --- and our country's response and our population's reaction to them --- have, I believe, robbed us of our grounds for any pride. Ask an African-American person if they are proud of this country. Ask an Asian-American if they have pride in living here. Ask an LGTBQ person. Ask a cop. Ask anyone who's been paying any attention to how we've comported ourselves or anyone who's seen who we've elected to public office. We've become an egocentric and xenophobic pile of hate. Just like our President. Sad.

So, ask yourself. Do we still have ANYTHING to be proud of on America's birthday. Well . . . . do we . . . . ???

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  • Yes, we have much to be proud of. We stand in the gap for liberty and democracy, wherever In the world it is under attack. When little guys are being bullied, we step in and we end it.
    Where new democratic constitutions are being written, the new governments always seek out our experts for guidance. We lead the world in scientific and medical advancement and innovation and we always have. The corona vaccine will be of American origin. Our arts and artists are far ahead of the rest of the world. Our military is a bitchmaking machine to the second and third world.

    Last two:

    ) nobody is ever looking to f*** with us.they'd be scared shirtless to try . maybe our institutions and our people and our systems aren't perfect, but they are a damn sight better than whoever is in second place. They always have been and always will be. Why do you think the rest of the world is trying to cross our borders to get here. Next time you hear one of the socialist candidates speak, ask them to name one communist or socialist country that has a waiting line to get in. We are the only country that has an immigration problem. Our President isn't perfect, but he loves this country. The last guy was ashamed of it. I hope we never elect anybody else like him. Ever. And that includes his vice president.

  • Amen! Anyone that speaks and asks the questions this the poster did is caught up in the propaganda of the city they live in and the crowd they hang with. Probably under 30, holy wanna be or an old hippy that missed the message. There pride I've seen in this president and this country is awesome! You'll never set it on TV or late night. All the haters can only go by the recent bs they've heard. The rest like me have 'grown up' with DT and know the history of this country and him. I'm a native coastal Californian but I got out because I felt like I fell into a cesspool ! Happier now in the heartland ! Good bless America and her president!

  • Native Californian my a***. There's a conversation I'd like to hear. Who is American?

  • Stay out of a conversation you have no hope of keeping up with.

  • Aw, how cute. Some little MAGAT spouts absolutes and thinks that makes America look good. THAT'S WHY WE'RE IN THE SHAPE WE ARE IN RIGHT NOW WITH THE VIRUS, YOU MORON.

  • How cute a nerd thinks he (or she? Or undecided? ) is being clever.... magat? Hehehehe squeal... These trophy kids....smh....I blame the parents.

  • Right, because anyone who disagrees with you is automatically... what, exactly? Antifa? Liberal?

    Oh no, I've used trigger words. Stop crying, please. Stop. *hands you a kleenex*

    Just because other people are capable of observation and rational thought doesn't mean they're a "nerd", but anti-intellectualists are that easily threatened, so I can see why you felt the need to parrot what Fox News calls people with brains.

  • Nerd

  • Lol

  • There are many positive things about the US.
    There are many negative things about it.
    We think we're having an "open" discussion about race and gender issues right now, but we're not. The only thing that has changed is which side is being more militant. The ONLY thing. It is no more interested in hearing anyone besides itself than the other side was.

  • And you will never have an open discussion with a MAGAT. Never. They are incapable of rational discussion. That's been proven how many hundreds of thousands of times?

  • You mean you'll never have someone on the conservative side give in to your whining kicking and screaming.
    An open discussion is something you aren't capable of having.

  • The left whines, kicks, and screams.
    The right whines, kicks, and screams.
    So what is your point, exactly? I don't think you have one, just a bitter opinion. That's all anyone has these days.

  • You contribute to the polarization that is pushing this country to the idea of another civil war, yet won't see it. You need to step in front of a bullet.

  • I think your right,,

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